Is D'banj's Reaction To The Rape Allegations Against Him Evidence Of Guilt?

D'banj's reaction to rape allegations recently made against him has done anything but exonerate him. With his actions making him look more guilty than ever, the Koko Master has now fallen to the bottom of the list of many a fan's favourites.

Titilayo Olurin

Nigerian music star, Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo, otherwise known as D’banj, has been in the news lately, and for all the wrong reasons.

The Allegations

The musician was accused of rape by a young woman, Seyitan Babatayo, a few weeks ago on Twitter.

According to her, the rape occurred in Glee Hotel, where she lodged after the All White Rendezvous Party in Eko Atlantic in December 2018.

"I was invited for an all white party at Eko Atlantic (splash off) which was an all night party on the 30th of December 2018, by franklin Dbanj ex manager at that time and I went with my friend then named Laide," she tweeted in a post now believed to have been deleted under coercion from D'banj's management team (more of this later).

She continued, "When I was leaving oyin and I exchanged number and she asked where I was lodged I told her Glee hotel in VI, and she said it was the same hotel she was.

"So I slept off within 5/6am and pls note (I’m a naked sleeper) and woke up and found Dbanj in my room already,and I asked him what he was doing in my room he didn’t say a word and *asked if I was a baby* and started fingering me.

"When he left and I got to see he came in with an extra key (card) and I later found out that Dbanj lodged all his staffs in the hotel..Then I called my supposed friend Oyin who I saw at the party if she planned with Dbanj she said No."

"And he gave my friend 100dollars to give me to take medication."

"Till today he hasn’t uttered even a word of apology."

The allegations left social media and the music star’s fans divided, with some questioning the alleged victim’s story and others taking a stand with the victim and against rape.

D'banj's Response

Controversies around the allegations raged on for a long time on social media while fans waited for D’banj’s response.

But the Koko Master chose to stay silent until a week after his 40th birthday when he released a statement on his Instagram page.

Insisting that he was taking legal actions against his accuser and was ready to sue her for 100 million naira, D'banj stated that the case which had reopened the painful scars left by the loss of his first child, Daniel, had been handed over to the police for investigation.

D'banj's statement
D'banj's statement

The music star made no attempt to provide proof of his innocence, even though he described the allegations as "lies from the pit of hell."

Soon after, news of the alleged victim's arrest trickled into social media. She was reported to have spent the night in a police cell. Actress, Dorcas Shola Fapson, confirmed the news on Twitter.

It was bad enough that the alleged victim, Babatayo, was arrested for breaking her silence and without a police investigation into her allegations, but that she was denied access to legal representation, family and friends, and her personal belongings seized was too much for social media users to bear. Many took to Twitter to express their anger with the hashtag #SilenceDbanj.

Babatayo's allegations were deleted from her Twitter page and what seemed like D'banj's promotional videos were posted instead. "I'm done with all these back and forth drama," her tweet read.

It was hard not to believe widespread reports that the alleged victim was held by the music star's management and forced to recant her allegations.

It was not so much D'banj's tricks in getting his alleged victim arrested and having her recant her allegations as it was his rather flippant use of serious rape allegations to promote his new music that bothered many.

Some of D'banj's fans, though, continued to pledge their allegiance to him, stating that he was incapable of hurting a fly.

Still, many agree that if the music star's tricks did nothing else, they made him look guilty. Why did he take the law into his hands and order the arrest of his alleged victim without an investigation? If he was indeed innocent, as he claimed, why did he not wait for justice to take its course? Why did he coerce her into recanting her allegations? Why did he choose to promote a music video at a time like this? The questions on social media abound, and the fact remains that there are more questions than answers.

A video posted by the music star on his Instagram page yesterday might have worsened the situation, as many did not see the need for it. Watch the video below.

See some of the tweets that followed.

Is D'banj's reaction to Babatayo's rape allegations evidence of his guilt? Or is this purely a case of addressing an issue the wrong way?

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