Normal People Do Not Succeed In Nigeria (Opinion)

You might have to lose your sense of normalcy if you want to become a millionaire in Nigeria before you turn 35.

Gold Nne

Naija, our beloved country, as we all call it, is undeniably hard. Most people have said the country is positioned to make you fail. The negating factors far outweigh any form of encouragement or positivity.

The government only cares about stacking wealth so that they can loan it to the country or invest in other ventures outside the country.

The youths, labeled lazy by the current president, are trying to stay alive and hustle. But the unending frustration has turned them into corporate online beggars and faceless keyboard warriors, leading the war through fake accounts.

Nigeria doesn’t seem like it would get better in the next 20 years, as we keep recycling ancient leaders who come from a family where the mother belongs to the APC and the father belongs to the PDP. So, you find Nigerian politicians pleasing either the father or mother or even both to continue ruling and remain relevant in the political sphere and matters of national concern (not for anything good or commendable).

The youths, in turn, have found a way around the system by embracing their true western traits embedded through social media and maybe from colonial days which are only finding expression now.

People do the most on social media in order to get the ‘mula’ and keep hustling. Some like Bobrisky have taken to crossdressing, an act the social media influencer has sold so well to the public that he has raked in over 2 million fans on different social media platforms.

Others like Jane Mena have become a household name by vigorously and seductively twerking on the gram. The crossdresser shocked many when she finally got married and still maintained her profession.

There are a lot of youths stepping outside the box, doing the unusual to get noticed, push the hustle, and like the popular term we loosely use "sell their market."

If you are thinking of starting a business in Nigeria and you do not have the connections or money to spend on constant adverts, the fastest approach is to embrace being abnormal and carve a niche for yourself, then watch as you quickly become a member of the team "sold out" gang.

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