The Fix It Conference
The Fix It Conference

Ark Coaching Company Pledges To Enhance Africa's Economic Development With Maiden The Fix It Conference


The Ark Coaching Company has announced its readiness to continue enabling Africa to harness its human and mineral resource by providing hand-holding and coaching services to entrepreneurs and franchises to enhance their access to capital and market.

The company disclosed during a media briefing on Wednesday in Lagos that it will hold its maiden 'The Fix It' virtual conference on July 4th, 2020, where competent business coaching experts would share professional insights that help businesses generate more economically enhancing innovations and solutions, as well as build human capacity in the Eco-system that drives economic development during a global meltdown.

The co-founder, Ark Coaching Company, Olori Boye Ajayi, said that the firm understands the crucial role human development programs play in enriching and building the mindset of business owners, as it is dedicated to providing them with the skills and knowledge they require to thrive.

She stated that as part of efforts to drive sustainable economic growth in the African continent, The Fix It Conference would enable entrepreneurs to learn game-changing ideas and solutions from experts across the continent on how to scale up a business idea and organization.

Boye Ajayi added, "We ensure that every single individual that enrolls in our coaching programs taps into their maximum potential, which will then help develop us to the point where the individual experiences personal economic growth, whilst boosting the economy of the country.

"Our organization goes as deep as investing in the mindset of average African entrepreneurs to effectively harness the enormous resources and potentials the continent possesses.

"We understand that every single individual and sector is vital and essential to the prosperous livelihood of our ecosystem, which is why we are trying to onboard everyone to come join experts discuss what could change the way business is being carried out on the continent, positively."

Boye Ajayi, also MD, Yamaha CFAO, explained: "In line with pursuing our goals we have established the 100 per cent club as well, whereby we help business owners convert their business ideas to sustainable and profitable ventures.

"After carrying out rigorous research we have been able to evaluate the challenges facing the sustainable development of Africa and use this to tackle such issues as technical know-how, access to adequate empowerment initiatives, access to funding and market effectively."

When asked what birthed the Ark Coaching Company, Product Consultant, Just Ibe, expressed that, a lot of times the society is entrusted in different sectors to ensure sustainable development in our economic growth. However, human beings who run these sectors need to generate structures, ideas and strategies to grow the sector.

Thus, the core of the Ark Company is to discover, enable and groom those individuals so they can develop optimal strategies to reshape and grow that sector.

"We are tackling the human behind those industries and sector so that they can rise above their present occasion and change the narrative about themselves, and the world at large," Ibe stated.

Visit the registration link: to register for the maiden The Fix It Conference.

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