Child sexual abuse
Child sexual abuse

5 Ways To Protect Your Child From Sexual Abuse

Parents! Now that you know the warning signs of child sexual abuse, do you know how to protect your child from molesters and predators? Find five ways to do so here.

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Child sexual abuse has become a threat that parents cannot ignore, one that they have to protect their children from. Here, find five ways to protect your child.

1. Talk to your kids about sexual abuse

Although your kids may seem too young to understand sexual abuse, it is important to talk to them now. Teach them about all their body parts and let them know the correct terms for their private parts. They should know that their penis is penis and their vagina is vagina. You should also teach them that these are private parts of their body and no one should be allowed to touch them.

2. Spend time with your kids

Between working a full-time job and taking care of the home, there does not seem to be enough time to spend with your kids. But you can try. Dedicate as much time as you can to your kids. Let them see you as their confidant. They should be comfortable enough to tell you anything. If there are issues of sexual assault, you would probably be the first to know.

3. Know who your kids spend time with

Of course, no matter how much time you spend with your kids, the fact remains that you cannot spend every minute of each day with them. Besides school and day care, there are situations where your kids spend time with other people. When they are not with you, do you know who they spend time with? Do you know their friends? You should.

4. Teach your kids that familiar people are as dangerous as strangers

Sexual abuse is often perpetrated by people that the child is most familiar with. Uncles, aunties, nannies, neighbours, teachers who are familiar to your child may be sexual predators. So, as much as you tell your children to avoid strangers, you also want to tell them to be careful around people they know.

5. Know the signs of child sexual abuse and trust your guts

If you do not know the signs of child sexual abuse, you should check them here. This way, you can tell when there is trouble. It is also important to trust your guts, even when you do not see any obvious signs of sexual abuse. If you are uncomfortable with a family member, an older child or any other adult around your child, there might actually be something wrong and you are not just being paranoid.

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