COVID-19 Case Update
COVID-19 Case Update

COVID-19 Case Update: 561 New Cases, Total Now 25,694

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Nigeria has recorded 561 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, bringing the total number of cases to 25,694, with 590 deaths and 9,746 recoveries, according to the official figures published by the NCDC.

The new cases were recorded in 19 states, with Lagos (200), Edo (II9) and Kaduna (52) taking the top three spots.

Other states included FCT (52), Niger (32), Ogun (19), Ondo (16), Imo (14), Plateau (11), Abia (8), Oyo (8), Bayelsa (7), Katsina (6), Kano (5), Bauchi (3), Osun (3), Kebbi (3), Borno (2) and Jigawa (1).

Lagos remains the most impacted state in the country with 10,510 cases, followed by the FCT and Oyo with 1,870 and 1,380 cases respectively.

COVID-19 Case Update
COVID-19 Case Update
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