Fluid Relationship: The Recipe For Solid Relationships?

Could fluid relationships be the end to cheating?

Gold Nne

Ever imagined what your relationship would be like if you were truly free to do whatever you wanted? You know, speak your mind, hang out and make out with anybody of your choosing without having guilt hang over your head like a halo? Imagine that the heavy societal judgment called “cheating” does not exist in your relationship, would you feel more loving and open with your partner, ready to explore?

In recent times, a lot of people struggle with defining their relationships, especially per societal norms, and this could be the beginning of doom in a relationship.

Fluid relationships allow partners to find love within themselves, engage with others to still preserve the love they share. It means the ability to love many persons together, not necessarily at the same time.

Not everyone feels happy in a single partner relationship for long. Some people need to be with other partners, not necessarily sexually. They might need to date other people (same or opposite sex) from time to time to truly appreciate their partners.

Partners in fluid relationships reach an agreement to serially date other people, live out their fantasies, engage in a relationship, intimacy, and sexual exploration, and still be together regardless.

For fluid relationships to work effectively, there must be:

1. Communication

This is the bedrock on which a fluid relationship can thrive. Openness is important to avoid blackmails, unnecessary secrets which might go out of hand. Also, a partner might find love with someone else in the process of multiple dating and this will need to be communicated to avoid a strenuous break-up.

2. Rules of Engagement

The key to embracing your sexual fluidity is simply to be free because your sexual orientation and desire can change at any moment. Try out your fantasies within the confines of your ability. Do not allow society to look down on you or others make a caricature of your desires. Connect with people, try out different stuff. It is also a means to fully discover yourself as you should, not how society has defined you to be.

Some couples are successfully exploring fluid relationships and they seem to be enjoying it. Some have gone ahead to open YouTube channels to document the process of their relationships.

Would you consider a fluid relationship with your partner or someone else?

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