Are Good Men Being Punished For The Sins Of Their Fathers In Their Relationships?

Are Good Men Being Punished For The Sins Of Their Fathers In Their Relationships?

Men are also being abused in relationships.

Gold Nne

In Africa, especially Nigeria, my home men are looked on as strong. They are trained to be the leaders, breadwinners and heads, especially in the family. Therefore, it seems a taboo if a man as much as hints on being abused in his relationship or marriage.

In the wake of feminism, most women have gone over the top in the power tussle and have begun to rub shoulders with their men in relationships and even control them.

Some men in relationships are unhappy and too scared to grow balls and walk out of the relationship or marriage for several reasons, ranging from what people in the family or society might say about their decision to what they have had to bear in keeping up with the façade of a happy relationship.

Women are not the only ones being abused in relationships, but they cry out more because they are perceived as the weaker sex compared to their male counterparts. The level of abuse some men have had to endure from their partners would shock you.

A group of friends had to recount how some men were beaten in their sleep by their partners, locked at home, locked in a room and had water poured constantly in the room, tying them up while they slept and even cutting them with sharp objects when they tried to speak out. The list of abuse patterns is endless.

In fact, some men do not face just physical abuse, some are faced with traumatizing emotional abuse from their partners, who blackmail them emotionally and threaten to take the kids away when children are involved.

The universe has a way of matchmaking couples so much so that the good gentleman ends up with a fierce tigress for a girlfriend or wife who looks innocent to the public but is a lioness let loose at home. It is a pity that men cannot come out to tell their stories because the society, who trained them to be tough, will turn around to laugh at them for failing to put the woman in her place.

Men in abusive relationships should build courage to seek help rather than face depression and continuous unhappiness.

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