Will Smith and Jada Pinkett
Will Smith and Jada Pinkett

Much Ado About Open Marriages

Open Marriages, if properly planned, could lead to profound happiness.

Gold Nne

The love square between Jada Pinkett Smith and August Alsina as well as Will Smith and Liza Koshy has sparked conversations about open marriages, especially as it involves one of the most idolized couples in not just Hollywood but the world. The shocking revelation doesn’t seem to be going well with fans.

Singer August Alsina shocked the world in his tell-tale interview with Angela Yee about his sexual relationship with Jada Pinkett Smith. But more shocking was his revelation that he had gone to Will Smith, who gave the singer his blessings to go ahead and have sex with his wife.

According to August, when he became father to the three children, left behind by his late brother’s girlfriend, he decided to end the toxic relationship with Jada, knowing fully well that he was in love with a woman he couldn’t wife or have kids with because she had sworn never to leave her husband.

There were several speculations in the past that Jada and Will were swingers but they had always denied the allegations. In 2017, during an interview, Will announced that he and Jada were no longer husband and wife but had become "life partners" and will never divorce irrespective of the situation they find themselves in.

In 2018, shortly after Will joined Instagram, there were claims that he was having an affair with model, Heidi Del la Rosa. After months of speculating with no concrete claims, it became a case of internet gossip.

But following these revelations by August, it has now become clear to all that Will and Jada are indeed in an open marriage and might have hidden this fact from the public because of the constant lashing and judgements they would have to face.

We leave in a millennium, where things are different and people want to explore and try out different things. Some people would rather stay together in a relationship than go through a messy divorce and find ways to make themselves happy while still in the relationship.

Will always knew that Tupac was the one true love of Jada and he had to live in constant competition with a dead man. They figured out a way to make their marriage work for themselves and their kids at the expense of the public’s opinion.

Too bad, they never considered that their puppets should have to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) to avoid such public embarrassment on their brands and their reputation.

There are families in Nigeria, especially here in Lagos, who practise open marriages to avoid divorce and public scrutiny. They reach an agreement to stay married to each other and have independent relationships, oblivious to their family members and society.

Open marriages should gradually become accepted as far as the couples have agreements in place, preferably written and a detailed NDA for their lovers to sign before going ahead with the relationship.

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