Gay relationship
Gay relationship

Why Homosexuality Should Be Legalized In Nigeria (Opinion)

Is it time for Nigeria to join a host of countries in legalizing gay relationships? See why we think it is.

Gold Nne

Gay or homosexual relationships are generally defined as when two people of the same sex, male or female, engage in a sexual relationship or any act which stimulates their sexual organs.

According to Nigerian laws, homosexual relationships are banned/ prohibited. It is, in fact, a crime punishable by law with a 14-year jail term by people caught in the act.

The northern part of Nigeria frowns upon homosexuality more than the southern and western parts of the country; yet, there have been claims by crossdressers posing as homosexuals and actual homosexuals who have insinuated that northern politicians and billionaires are the ones sponsoring the lifestyle which these influencers and celebrities so flaunt on social media to oppress rather than motivate their fans.

While many Nigerians openly frown upon and criticize gay relationships, it is interesting to note that the average Nigerian woman has at one point or the other made out with another woman, leading to either sexual stimulation of the sex organs or actual sex.

According to research, women are prone to sexual fluidity more than their male counterparts. Therefore, they are more vulnerable to homosexuality, but gay men seem to be on the increase, especially in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

In Nigeria, there have been speculations that most male celebrities and influencers are bisexual, swinging more towards same sex than that of opposite in order to fund their expensive lifestyle.

Nigeria is a country where people will openly criticize an act and be found in hiding perpetrating the same act with reckless abandon. Following the increasing relocation of many men to the Federal Capital Territory of the country, Abuja, and constant catching of flights, it would not be out of place to boldly say that gay relationships should be legalized in Nigeria.

But again, these senators who allegedly receive pleasure from their gay partners would not want to be caught on camera in the house supporting such a bill, which goes against their beliefs. Also, it is believed that they derive even more pleasure from the fact that they are secretly breaking the laws. It gives them more thrills to engage in it now than to engage in it when it becomes legal.

We all agree, that Nigerians are hypocrites, but instead of allowing the gay youths to relocate to countries where gay rights are legal, it is high time Nigeria considered legalizing gay relationships.

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