Jada Pinkett Smith and August Alsina
Jada Pinkett Smith and August Alsina

Did Jada Fall In Love Or Did She Take Advantage Of August Alsina?

Jada Pinkett Smith seemed like she was in a bad place when the affair with August happened. Was she telling the truth?

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According to Jada Pinkett Smith, her affair with August Alsina took place about four and a half years ago, when she and Will Smith were separated. In that time, they both decided to try out new relationships and live their lives as independent individuals.

Jada revealed that before then, she had become close friends with August, because he was suffering from serious mental issues and then brought him into her family so they could help him heal.

She states that her sexual entanglement with August didn’t start until she and Will were separated. Although before then, there had been public claims by different people that the actress and the singer were already romantically involved, which they frantically denied and laughed over at different times.

Jada, in her conversation with Will, looked to me like she had rehearsed over a thousand times how she wanted to relay her emotions to the public but still failed to communicate any iota of remorse for what she did.

Being the adult and experienced one in her relationship with August, she knew he was not in the right mental space and she should have created some boundaries. Even if August was having a crush on his teacher/ mentor (which was Jada at that point), her duty was to act mature and not encourage it in any way.

Jada took advantage of the young singer’s vulnerability and now she claims she was in a bad place; hence, her action. If she was in a bad place, then she should have communicated to August, apologized for using him to satisfy the sexual happiness she so desired.

She led him on and made him love her. August might be bitter right now, and might be on a mission to tarnish her image, so she can feel a bit of the pain he went through for feeling used.

As a professional that she claims to be, she should know that she hurt the young man’s feelings and should not laugh over it, calling it an entanglement. That shows a lack of remorse and heightened insensitivity to someone she once claimed to care about.

The conversation at the red table has shed light on the fact that Jada is highly manipulative and will do anything to protect her image, as the Hollywood actress who will always have her marriage with Will Smith intact. If people can’t see through the façade, then she is manipulating them as well.

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