Every Friendship Has An Expiry Date

If all friendships expire, what then is the the secret to life-long friendships?

Gold Nne

In life, we meet people, connect with them and find that spark and eventually become friends. Friendships are beautiful, especially when the parties involved share the same goal on some aspects of life.

Sometimes, we become friends with people out of the sheer need of gaining acceptance or just to make ourselves feel good that we can indeed be social.

But as you begin to grow, explore and learn new things in life, it is also expected that your friends evolve with you to avoid certain frictions and eventual tiredness of the relationship.

We’ve seen childhood friends grow into lifetime friends and their children into close knit family friends. What secret ingredient was added to the friendship mix to make it stay so long and stand the test of time? Even in friendships, partners involved still need to have their individual goals separate from the common goals with their friends. They also need to learn to be independent first before co-depending on another friend.

Because, truly everyone is going through one or more challenges in their lives at different times.

It is important to note that friendships stay growing and healthy when everyone is working towards their own growth and not just depending on others or waiting for people to meet their needs, including emotional and psychological because this can be heavily draining and can make your friends stay away from you.

Truly, every friendship does have an expiry date, because people outgrow the people around them sometimes. Also, when one person keeps giving more in the relationship than the other, it becomes only a matter of time before the relationship goes up in flames and everyone goes their separate ways.

For any friendship to stand the test of time, all parties involved need to understand themselves and know how to handle situations. Giving people space in friendships is also therapeutic. Give people time to miss you and refresh because humans get tired of seeing a particular person or persons continuously without a break. The parties need to constantly grow and evolve so some people do not feel out of place when they all reconnect.

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