Jada Pinkett Smith
Jada Pinkett Smith

Jada Pinkett Smith: The Queen Of Modern-Day Seduction?

Gold Nne

If you have by chance read 'The Art of Seduction' by Robert Greene, then you would fully understand what this writeup is about to delve into.

From time immemorial, there have been certain people who have successfully seduced men and women and sometimes even nations. Cleopatra of Egypt went down in history as making it a point of duty to seduce heavy, staunch politicians who were greatly feared and revered like Julius Caesar. Other known seducers to grace the world have been Picasso, Madame de Pompadour and Charlie Chaplin, to mention just a few.

From the origin of Will Smith and Jada’s relationship, one thing has been obvious, Will was more in love with her and she was deeply in love with the late rapper, Tupac. Jada only agreed to become serious with Will after Tupac’s heart-wrenching demise which left her vulnerable and looking for someone to feel the void.

Jada, although quiet, is a combination of the reckless abandon of a child and strong motherly care, a combination so rare to find that most men are immediately taken to her and she being petite would never go unnoticed in a gathering.

From the 'Red Table Talk' Jada and Will had on Friday, July 10, one thing was obvious; Will was stressed by the whole mess the scandal had made. It was apparent that the revelation by August Alsina took them by surprise and they were not ready for it. They never envisaged that August would be strong enough to come out.

After the red table conversation, a few things have become obvious and it is highly possible that the life partnership Will and Jada entered was all Will’s attempt at having Jada in his life forever. He can’t afford to let Jada go because to him, he might have lost the great battle to Tupac.

Jada, during the conversation, said she just wanted “to feel happy” and August provided her with the same feelings she had with Tupac. Although she called it an entanglement, she might have really loved August because he reminded her so much of Tupac.

While it takes a lot to stay married, Will seems to be the one paying the ultimate price in keeping the marriage with Jada.

According to a series of posts made by Will’s sister, Ellen Smith, Jada isn’t the saint she presents herself as to the world and her closet might bear too many skeletons too heavy for the world to see.

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