5 Things Married Couples Should Know About Sex

These are five important things every married couple should know about sex.

Titilayo Olurin

Sex is not all there is to marriage, but it is an important part of a successful marriage. Besides strengthening the physical bond between partners, it creates an emotional and even spiritual connection that can only be experienced by a couple. Sex can rekindle the spark and romance in a marriage. It can also be the cause of friction between couples.

Here, find five things every married couple must know about sex.

1. Be in tune with your partner's needs

We are all built differently and no two people are exactly the same. Besides, men and women have different biological builds. While men are more physical, women are emotional. So, do not expect your partner's sexual needs to be the same as yours. Have open, honest communications with your partner and know exactly what they want. Respect your partner's wishes and put their interests before yours.

2. Engage in foreplay all day

You should learn to flirt with your partner as often as you can. Send racy text messages while you are apart, exchange love notes, share random hugs and kisses, compliment each other, show your partner that you love them every chance you get and let that serve as the foreplay you need for sex. Do not wait till you are ready to have sex before you engage in foreplay.

3. Note that your thoughts influence your sex life

What do you feed your mind with? What do you read or watch? Do you have healthy thoughts that can foster a better sex life? Or do your thoughts encourage sexual acts that can denigrate your partner and make them uncomfortable? Indeed, your thoughts influence your sex life and you should not let negative things about sex invade your thoughts.

4. Sex is not a tool

Some people have been raised to think of sex as a tool. Sex should be enjoyed by both partners and is not a tool that can be used to correct, reward, punish or control your partner. Rather than denying your partner of sex, communicate with them when you feel that they have wronged you. You should also reward your partner with other things besides sex.

5. Don't let kids disrupt your sex life

Having children does not mean that your sex life should become a drag. Enjoy sex even as you have kids. Remember, sex strengthens the bond between you two. You can enjoy some intimacy with your partner while raising your kids.

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