5 Signs Your Relationship Has Expired

Are you in an expired relationship? Find out.

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Many a time, it can be difficult to differentiate between a rough patch and a relationship that is no longer working. When it comes to knowing whether to stay in that relationship or not, you may have to look at the subtle habits you and your partner have developed overtime to fully determine if the relationship has expired. At other times, staying in a relationship that has no growth left can provide a bit of emotional security, even if deep down, you know it may not be for the best.

People stay in expired relationships for several reasons. It could be that they have grown so comfortable with their partner and dread the idea of starting all over again. They may not want to entertain the thought of being alone. Others turn a blind eye to the signs and choose to stay in the relationship regardless. No matter the reasons you may uphold, staying in a relationship that is expired is not healthy and is not in your best interest.

The truth is that it can be tricky to know the signs that your relationship is over and long expired. Here are five signs you are in an expired relationship.

1. You plan activities to avoid spending time with your partner

There’s no harm in hanging out with friends and maybe colleagues, but when you start using these activities as an excuse to spend time with your partner it becomes a problem. If this continues without proper communication, you will grow more distant from your partner and the relationship seems to you like a daunting task.

2. You don’t show affection anymore

At the start of every relationship, there are little ways couples show care and affection towards each other seamlessly. But if your relationship is expired, the little show of affection becomes a routine to you. You either have to be reminded or forced before you do them.

3. You play the blame game

Ever found yourself in a position in your relationship where you hold your partner responsible for every bad thing within and outside the relationship which affects you directly? You make them feel bad for the stress you undergo and different things which may not even be their fault. If this is you, then you are in an expired relationship. You need to communicate and stop causing your partner emotional pain.

4. Sex feels like a routine

In relationships, where sex has always been a huge deal for the couples from the beginning, if one partner begins to feel withdrawn and sexually disconnected from their partner after several attempts, the chemistry might not just be dead but the relationship also.

5. You play the victim card

Sometimes, when a person feels choked up and stuck in a relationship, they find it difficult to walk away. They instead begin concocting weird stories out of seemingly normal scenarios and assume the role of the victim, thereby painting their partners in a bad light. They also begin to blame their partner for their unhappiness and constant mood swings, making their partner also unhappy.

If you feel you have fallen out of love or might have some underlying issues in your relationship, it is always important to talk it out, ask for space if necessary to sort it out or simply walk out of the relationship to avoid causing yourself and your partner pain.

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