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Side Chick

Guide To Becoming A Successful Side Chick In Lagos

Thinking of becoming a side chick? Here's a guide to becoming a successful one. Enjoy!

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Side chicks have become part of our lives and are no longer a secret, as many girls now jump at the opportunity. This is because the benefits of being a side chick or sugar baby can be so mouth-watering and enticing. But this affluent position which comes with the boujee lifestyle, all-paid expensive trips to different places in the world, and the celebrity lifestyle isn’t without its own issues.

Most young girls aspire to become side chicks but for fear of seeming desperate, do not know how to go about being a good side chick and milking their prey dry of millions without him feeling it at all.

First, many might wonder how to attract these men who might be interested in them, read on and find out how.

1. Project a Larger Than Life Post on Social Media

Yes, be social, go social! Most influencers and girls with crisp pictures on Instagram and Snapchat get the most attention. Ever wondered why girls do the most to get the perfect social media worthy picture? Well, one of the reasons is to get the attention of one money bag who will in turn brag to his friends that he’s dating one of the flashiest girls on the gram. Sorry to burst your bubble, appearing modest won’t get you the attention you desire. To get the attention of affluent men who will be ready to spend on you, you need to project yourself as a fun-loving, fashion forward young babe on the gram especially.

2. Have a Business

Even if you’re selling boiled water, you need to have something doing. Make it look grand and successful (that’s how the big gals do, wink). Most of your influencers call themselves serial entrepreneurs even though it is just one business staying afloat. Ever wondered why they do that?

3. Network is your Networth

You have to hang out with other like-minded friends as yourself. You might connect via social media or in person.

When you finally get the attention of one money bag willing to spend on you, what do you do next?

1. Be calculative and Smart

Study your target, try to understand his person. Does he like his women as air heads? Does he like smart and intelligent women or is he just about physical appearance? It is your duty as a side chick to understand his underlying need and work towards providing it. That is the only way you become a person of importance. You know why? These men come across different beautiful women daily, so you need to stand out

2. Never Nag

Never do it! No matter what, never ever nag! It is a huge turn-off, if they wanted some nagging they would be with their real girlfriends, fiancée or wives. Therefore, you have to feed them positive energy always.

3. Bill Accordingly

As a side chick, you bill your man according to what you had projected earlier. If you projected yourself as a businesswoman, you bill in that line. If you projected yourself as an influencer, you bill accordingly, to beautify yourself and always look topnotch. Be careful here, because it can get really tricky.

4. Can you keep a secret?

According to Bobrisky, never reveal the identity of your bae to anyone. It’s a jealous world out here, so you have to watch out for yourself. Do not be in a hurry to upload his pictures online. Do not even save his real name on your phone. You can discuss with your friends, but never reveal his identity, especially to those you don’t trust.

5. Stay Loyal

Sell the loyalty card and play it well. Most men keep at least three different women so you also play the game, without getting caught. Keep the relationship open. Maintain your dates with other men but always appear loyal. Never let them know there are others.

6. Do not fall in love

It definitely complicates everything and messes up the system that you might have successfully created for yourself.

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