Why Should The Broke Tithe? (Opinion)

Why Should The Broke Tithe? (Opinion)

Are clergymen preaching tithing for the better good or selfish wealth accumulation?

Gold Nne

The issue of tithing in Nigeria is highly encouraged by most clergymen and the topic is not discussed enough on social media. Those who dare to voice out their concerns about tithing are looked upon as part of the anti-christ.

Tithing is 10 per cent of a person’s income which is given to his or her predominant church. Before now, a lot of Nigerians gave out paid their tithes without questions. But ever since Daddy Freeze started making some shocking revelations in the Bible about giving and tithing, it is safe to say most pastors have lost their faithful tithers. Also, the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and the compulsory lockdown made a lot of Nigerians truly understand that their lives and well-being meant nothing tangible to their highly revered clergymen.

It also attributed to a drastic reduction in tithing and giving, generally because these members who were once faithful are barely trying to make ends meet.

I am not against tithing or giving, as it is regularly preached in our religious society, but I believe that if there’s one thing this year has taught us, it is the importance of saving. Most pastors who understand that Nigerians are easily swayed by religious doctrines would rather hinge their teachings on tithing rather than encouraging their members to continually develop themselves and save.

These churches have so much money. In fact, these days they constantly compete with who has built the biggest church auditorium and who has the highest number of private jets at their disposal rather than focus on their lost, struggling sheep heading for the slaughter.

Nigerians should actively start cultivating the habit of saving that 10 per cent instead of dashing it to churches, especially those who are averagely earning from their jobs and start-ups.

Giving doesn’t necessarily need to be tied to the four walls of that church auditorium for you to prosper. You could organize outreaches with your friends and give that 10 per cent of your income to people who actually need it and will appreciate your little.

Let your walk with Christ be a personal race, learn to listen directly to God for yourself. Your pastor doesn’t have a newly installed 7-G which gives him direct access to God. You too can have the same access. Stop letting pastors enrich themselves with your sweat and leave you feeling broke, hanging on a thin thread of faith.

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