5 Body-Quaking Vibrators Every Beginner Must Get

5 Body-Quaking Vibrators Every Beginner Must Get

Looking for vibrators as a beginner? Here is your guide.

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Masturbation is important for your mental and physical health, especially in a country like Nigeria with all the stress from all sides. You need something to relieve the stress, pain and help you sleep better at night with a relaxed mind. If you want to sign up for toe-curling orgasms and all the benefits that come with masturbation, then a vibrator might just come in handy.

Vibrators aid your body to respond to different sensations and feelings. It encourages sexual exploration by yourself, giving you more things to learn and look forward to about your body. It can spice up your sex life and your relationship.

Shopping for the right vibrator can be quite confusing, especially with companies churning out different products with various shapes. The prices of these vibrators keep going up. So, you do not want to get one which would prove difficult to operate and would not give you the desired pleasure you seek. The first guide to getting a vibrator is understanding what it does and which part of your organs it works better on. After that, you can also find out the kind of experience you want to achieve. For example, do you want clitoral stimulation or you want to focus more on penetrations?

Here are five body-shaking vibrator options for beginners.

1. Rechargeable silicone toy

As beginners, you might want to start with a smaller, fingertip vibe as it can give the most natural transition from using your fingers to a toy-assisted masturbation aid. This toy slips over your finger, like an extension of your own touch, but better. It’s small and relatively smooth, waterproof, rechargeable, and made of silicone.

2. The Rabbit

Even if you haven’t held one, you must definitely have heard of the rabbit vibrator made popular on "Sex and the City." The rabbit features two little bunny ears that gently reach your clit. If you want something you can insert inside yourself and stimulate your clit with, try a rabbit.

3. The Bullet

If you want targeted, buzzy vibrations around your vagina, try the bullet. It's small enough to hide anywhere, but comes loaded with intensity to give you that shattering orgasm.

4. The Magic Wand

If you’re looking forward to vibrations which spread over your vulva and not at a pinpoint targeted, try the magic wand. The vibrating head is nearly the size of a tennis ball, big enough for you to feel the powerful vibrations everywhere. The newly improved magic wands are rechargeable and easy to carry about.

5. Lipstick Vibrator

If you're on a budget, try the lipstick vibrator. It fits perfectly inside your wallet and it can be recharged via USB. With this, you can pleasure yourself with this little stick anytime and anywhere of your choosing.

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