In Nigeria, The Only Way To Be Celebrated Is When You Die (Opinion)

In Nigeria, The Only Way To Be Celebrated Is When You Die (Opinion)

Do we have to die before we get that one minute of fame from loved ones?

Gold Nne

2020 has taught a lot of things. We have learnt so much about ourselves. In fact, most people have started the business they kept putting off for years, some have had the time to take that class and others have started working out and eating right.

Above all, if there is one thing many have experienced, it is loss. At one point or the other someone lost a friend (the relationship expired), someone else lost a close friend, family member, acquaintance or colleague to the cold hands of death.

Death! The mysterious visitor with no announcement has stolen the lives of so many, especially the young in 2020. This has made a lot of people question life and has motivated others to live right and pursue their goals, as their stay on earth isn’t guaranteed.

One thing which has become common is the level of encomium showered on the departed. I have learnt that some people would never say anything good about a person until they are no more. Many celebrities also fall into this trap. They will never celebrate you or render assistance to a colleague in dire need until the person is no more.

They then take to their social media pages to hypocritically paint good pictures about the life of the deceased.

If there is one important lesson to take away in 2020, it is to appreciate those around you. Be kind, smile and check up on others because you may never get a chance to do that again.

While everyone is busy chasing dreams and pursuing money, never neglect your friends and even your acquaintances. People definitely need the love and the light you carry. Make a conscious effort to reach out to people. Do not wait till they are dead to explain that you saw their social media post two days ago and never knew they were sick or would die. Death is never planned or announced prior to the act. Therefore, take out time to reach out to others when they are alive.

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