Williams Uchemba
Williams Uchemba

Is It Possible To Become A Millionaire In Nigeria Without Fraud? (Opinion)

Gold Nne

Nigerians are divided on the topic of getting rich without having to dupe or scam others. Recently, one of Nigeria’s most popular social media influencers, known by his nickname, Hushpuppi, was arrested alongside other fraudsters in Dubai. This led to the shocking discovery that he and his cohorts had defrauded almost 2,000,000,000 people of their hard-earned money.

From several comments made by the masses, fans of Hushpuppi and even some celebrities who were friends of the accused fraudster who is yet to be prosecuted, it became obvious that most Nigerians were divided on the subject of attaining considerable wealth without having to engage in illegal activities.

Truthfully, the state of the Nigerian economy has been set up to stifle creativity, kill small businesses at their infant stages and pay graduates, who would never make ends meet, peanuts. But somehow, most citizens of the country still thrive in their businesses regardless. Workers find ways to cut cost and manage what they can of their salaries and still save.

Philanthropist, actor and content creator, Williams Uchemba, angrily took to his social media page to educate Nigerians that it was possible to make it without being fraudulent.

The actor seems to have forgotten so soon that he also was dragged a few months ago for allegedly deceiving Nigerians by lying to be the ambassador of the United Nations on behalf of the African youths. The actor was dragged for reportedly collecting money from desperate Nigerians who wanted to travel outside Nigeria and also join the United Nations. Yet, their applications never saw the light of day.

This same actor has relocated to Nigeria finally, under the guise of acting and doing philanthropic works with no outlined major source of income.

There have been claims albeit unverified that he uses his charity foundation as a front for collecting money from Nigerians to also enrich himself.

Nevertheless, there are many hard-working Nigerians, both home and in the diaspora, who have legally worked tirelessly to become millionaires. Those, although hidden, living their lives off social media should be the true mentors of the coming generation.

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