Online dating
Online dating

Make Your Online Dating Profile Stand Out In 5 Easy Steps

Want to make the most of online dating? You must consider these five things when writing your profile.

Titilayo Olurin

If you are giving online dating a try, you might as well give it your all. It is one of the most common ways to find love now, especially in this fast-paced world where it is nearly impossible to meet new people.

So, whether you are opening an account on a dating website or doing it on your favourite dating app, here are five things to consider when writing your profile.

1. Say no to clichés

Do not try to sound trendy or modern by using clichés. "I am a fun, outgoing person ...", "I love love", and "I love making friends and meeting people" might describe who you are, but they are as cliché as they come and are a complete turn-off. You'll probably find hundred other profiles with these exact words. Rather than going with the simple clichés, use less common words and say unique but genuine things about yourself.

2. Be deliberate about the pictures on your profile

In your rush to get started, you might be tempted to post random pictures from your photo gallery on your profile. But this is not even something you should consider. Research has shown that action shots, where you are doing something - swimming, cooking, cycling - make better online dating profile pictures than other kinds of pictures. Besides, people will be more attracted to pictures of you in your comfort zone or in your most natural state than pictures of you in stiff poses and plastered smiles. They want to see you and not some fake model, so post as many pictures of yourself as possible.

3. Be specific and honest

Honesty is the most attractive quality you can ever have, and people can tell if you are being dishonest. When your profile is honest, you stand out from others and are distinctive in a sea of profiles with blatant lies, half-truths and exaggerations. It also helps to be specific. Instead of saying you enjoy being creative, state what kind of creativity you like. This is more attractive than mere generalizations.

4. Ensure that your profile is up to date

If your profile has a year-old picture and states a job, profession or career from three years ago, you would have to update it. While it is good to leave out a few things about yourself, for a little mystery, you should not keep potential suitors in the dark about vital information that your profile needs. Old pictures might confuse people, especially if your physical appearance has changed. Also, it is possible that your interests and hobbies have changed over the years or months and it is best to update your profile.

5. Let your profile reflect positivity

Maintain as much positive energy and optimism as you can on your profile. Positivity, like honesty, is attractive. People will be more drawn to you like a moth to the flame once they notice that you have a positive attitude with a great outlook on life and the future. Profiles with positive energy, according to research, get a lot more attention than those without the right kind of energy. There are offensive vibes that come with negativity and you do not want to turn potential suitors off with that kind of profile.

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