Big Brother Naija 5: Never Judge A Nigerian Man By His Dreadlocks

We have learnt a lesson from studying Laycon in the Big Brother Naija house.

Gold Nne

If there is one thing Nigerians have learnt since Sunday, July 19, it is never to judge a book by its cover. When 26-year-old Lekan (pronounced as Laycon) hopped on stage with his bright blazers, we all screamed.

Screamed not out of excitement but sheer disappointment as to why a ‘misfit’ would be chosen to be in the house with the ‘posh’ youths who looked polished and sophisticated.

In fact, memes started flying around on Twitter about how a junkie had joined the housemates of the fifth season of the reality show and would not last even a week.

Some keyboard warriors went as far as labelling him a NEPA operator in the Lagos rural areas, while others bestowed on him the title of a phone seller in Lagos Computer Village.

It took barely three hours for everyone to truly understand why the skinny young man with dreadlocks made it to the top 20 and graced the Big Brother Naija house this year for its fifth season.

Laycon was discovered to be the best graduating student of his department, Philosophy, at the University of Lagos, a talented rap artist who just dropped his album before going into the house, an extremely intuitive young man of love who cared about educating others and instilling wisdom.

He is an example of many Nigerian young men with dreadlocks who have been wrongfully accused of crimes they never thought of committing, young men who have been killed by SARS operatives in Nigeria. Their crime was simply wearing a particular hairstyle, which society tagged immoral and criminal in nature.

The Nigerian police needs a serious orientation that dreadlocks isn’t equivalent to being called a criminal and should learn to start according Nigerians the respect and security they deserve.

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