Big Brother Naija season 5
Big Brother Naija season 5

Is Big Brother Naija Selling Data Gathered From Its Social Experiment?

We know the reality show isn't just pure entertainment but a social experiment. Have you ever wondered what all the data gathered are used for?

Gold Nne

The popular Nigerian reality TV show, Big Brother Naija, just concluded its reunion of season 4 housemates and has begun the fifth season of the show which started airing on Sunday, July 19.

Although the highly controversial TV show is frowned upon by politicians and clergymen, it is loved and embraced by the majority of the African populace.

While following up on the just concluded fourth season reunion, it became evident that the reality TV show, amidst its controversies, is a reflection of the different personalities in Nigeria as a country.

It serves as one of the biggest social experiments to come out of Nigeria and it is possible that this social experiment was vetoed by the presidency in order to see how Nigerians would react and relate to different personalities and scenarios.

Everything about the reality show seems well-documented and this has led to the belief that these documentations are being studied, either by some higher powers who need this data in Nigeria, Africa or even somewhere in the world.

It is highly possible that the data cumulated from this social experiment are probably being sold to a person or an organization. Call it a conspiracy theory or what not. If there were suspicions by the US government that TikTok was used to collect human data, how much more a reality TV show which has been labelled a social experiment where psychologists are called in to analyze behaviours and lie detector tests are used on housemates?

Nevertheless, the masses see it as a major source of entertainment and as a show to take away their minds from the constant hustle and bustle of the country.

This year’s edition seems to be more of a level playing ground than other seasons so far, as the housemates chosen seem genuinely happy to be given the opportunity to be part of the show. It is only a matter of time before the pressure of being locked away from civilization and family begins to creep in.

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