Is Social Media Responsible For The Untimely Deaths Of Most Relationships?

Gold Nne

If there is one thing we can all agree on, it’s the fact that relationships and marriages have definitely changed from the times of happily ever after that we watched in fairytale cartoons while growing up. The rate of divorce and beak-ups continues to rise through the roof, leaving more single, sometimes unhappy people with a lot of emotional scars and regrets.

Many people have attributed their short-lived relationships to social media, but how true is this? Let’s find out.

It isn’t far-fetched to say a lot has changed since the ’90s regarding relationships. Now, millennials meet on social media, find love and go on to have a beautiful long-lasting relationship which sometimes leads to marriage. But dating has been more difficult in recent times because of social media and our busy schedules as well as the use of dating apps which have come to stay after years of criticism and backlash from the public.

You would think that with different communication channels and mediums at our disposal, that communication would be easy. But ironically, a lot of people find it difficult to communicate, probably because of so many distractions and different choices at their disposal. We find millions of people too ready to move on at the slightest show of stress in dating or relationships.

Out of curiosity, I spoke with some couples. One of the couples had met on social media, Facebook specifically, and had gone on to have a blissful courtship and are happily married at the moment. They attest to the fact that one factor that has preserved their relationship is the ability to trust each other and respect boundaries.

The mention of boundaries got me surprised but they went on to explain that the ability to accept your partner’s social media posts will go a long way in preserving the relationship. The husband also explained that he understood his wife was a chief “meme collector” and loved posting them on her social media pages, so he never felt attacked by her posts.

Also, from my conversation, it became clear that not everything about a relationship should be posted on social media in order to remove prying eyes and unwanted talks. Even in this era of social media, a couple can enjoy a blissful relationship by trusting and respecting each other and reducing the news they share about their relationship with the general public who have no business knowing about their private lives.

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