Big Brother Naija 5: Ozo Wants To Be Wooed By The Woman He Likes

Will women be willing to take on the new role of wooing men in 2020?

Gold Nne

Okay! We’re witnessing a new pattern and this definitely transcends the Big Brother house. Wondering what this is about? Read on.

From the first night when introductions were made in the house, there was an obvious spark between Nengi and Ozo. The latter went ahead to give mixed signals after sharing a bed with Dorathy and she was heard repeatedly saying how much she missed him.

Nengi hinted Ozo that she liked him and was willing to go after him but he gave off vibes like he wanted her to continually chase him and show him attention.

It seems Nengi isn’t used to working so hard to get a man’s attention, especially with an appealing complexion and an attractive body structure. She has since tried to pitch her camp with Tricky Tee, whom she calls her brother, and Kiddwaya.

Ozo, on the other hand, has been sending signals to Dorathy who doesn’t particularly seem interested in any entanglements at the moment. The free-spirited busty, bubbly young lady would rather spend her time trying to cheer the house up and make people laugh.

So, just like Ozo, most men of this generation want to truly ‘relass and be taken kia of’ in all ramifications, including relationships. They actually want to be wooed and chased like the women desire. The question then is, how many women would be willing to chase and woo a guy in 2020?

While women are fighting for equal rights with men, men on the other hand want to switch positions and let the women they like do the wooing and chasing.

What are your thoughts on this new trend?

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