BBN Season 5: DOZO Ship Finally Sails, Leaves Nengi Behind

BBN Season 5: DOZO Ship Finally Sails, Leaves Nengi Behind

Gold Nne

I dare say this fifth season of the reality TV show, Big Brother Naija, has been so much fun.

It seems that most of the housemates who made it to the house must have auditioned in the romantic reality show, Ultimate Love, which just concluded its maiden edition. This is because the housemates are either out to fall in love, like Eric and Lilo, or are sex-starved, like Katrina and Praise.

This season has given us shocking twists in housemates like Brighto, who was nicknamed the evangelist on social media. But he shocked us all with his sly moves and weird relationship advice. He has now been compared to Nollywood character, Chiwetal Agu, and the Game of Thrones slippery character, Lord Baelish.

But there has been an entanglement between Dora, Ozo and Nengi, with Ozo in the centre, of course. His public speech about fancying Nengi and finally pitching with Dorathy when the former refused to reciprocate his love for her has left Twitter agog with different speculations on who Ozo might finally choose - his best friend Dorathy or the curvy, light-skinned Nengi.

Ozo won the Head of House title on Monday by a game of luck and support from other housemates by getting to the finale which had not been done since they started. The herculean task for him was having to choose a deputy head of house which, according to Biggie, had to be a female. While he expressed his happiness for winning the position just in time for his birthday, he was confused because his decision would definitely hurt either Dorathy or Nengi. Nevertheless, he was given 20 minutes to make up his mind and choose his deputy.

Ozo chose Dorathy to be his assistant head of house, to the surprise of Nengi who probably felt her hold over Ozo was enough to sway his decision. Dorathy, when asked by Big Brother if she accepted the position, replied to the amusement of other housemates “with all my full chest.”

Ozo later explained to Dorathy when they retired to their Head of House lounge that he is the type of man to marry his best friend over someone he loves because he believes friendship would always make for a longer lasting marriage.

Does this mean that the Dorathy and Ozo ship has finally sailed?

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