Maxi Dress
Maxi Dress

Maxi Dresses You Should Include In Your Wardrobe Now

These are the maxi dresses you should include in your wardrobe now.

Gold Nne

Ever lived by the mantra, beauty in simplicity? Shake it off because in 2020 we go all out with bold fashion statements or don’t even bother showing up.

Looking for freedom while maintaining a touch of class in your dressing? Then these full-length, free dresses are definitely for you. Maxi dresses are back! Yes, the ones, we Nigerians refer to as ‘bubu’ and the designs are anything but the simple dresses we knew in the past. Designers are doing the most this season with maxi dresses, and we are here for it.

Although, things are yet to resume to a smooth sail in Lagos, girls are taking advantage of every outing no matter how little, no matter how casual, to showcase their fashion sense and let their friends know that while there is still COVID-19, they intend to jump on global fashion trends.

These maxi dresses are not reserved for only the married and elderly women as assumed, even young single ladies have taken to this fashion trend and are rocking it beautifully.

Nigeria just celebrated the Id-el-Kabir and we saw different maxi dresses adorned with beautiful classy designs and we absolutely love them. Right now, there are about three different types of maxi dresses in trend in Nigeria, and they include:

1. The Lace Maxi Dresses

The lace maxi dress isn’t new but keeps evolving overtime with different unique designs as the years go by. It is usually worn sheer without any inner or worn with a simple lingerie inside.

The Lace Maxi Dress
The Lace Maxi DressStyled by Kingronke

2. The Plain Maxi Dresses

Made with plain fabrics, usually silk or satin, it is adorned with beads intricately designed to give the wealthy effect when wearing it.

 The Plain Maxi Dress
The Plain Maxi DressStyled by kingronke

3. The Vintage Maxi Dresses

Going back in time is also something to look forward to in fashion. Some designs are adding a touch of the 16th to 18th century feel to their maxi dresses and it is absolutely gorgeous.

The Vintage Maxi Dress
The Vintage Maxi Dress
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