Major! Beyonce's 'Black Is King' Gives Us All The Fashion Inspiration We Need

Beyonce's 'Black is King' is not just music. It is a major fashion movement and we are here for it!

Gold Nne

Beyoncé has once again raised the bar so high that many artists may never reach half the pedestal she has created in the music industry.

The visuals to her latest project, which was produced in collaboration with Disney, titled ‘Black is King', has disrupted the whole entertainment space. Featuring African artists like Burna Boy, Tiwa Savage, Yemi Alade, Wizkid, Busiswa, her husband, JayZ, and Williams Pharrell Jnr., the 90-minute body of work shows the beauty of Africa through the eyes of Beyoncé to the world, especially Europeans.

These Europeans have become quite fascinated with the visual representation of songs from her earlier release in 2019, titled 'The Gift.'

One outstanding factor in the 'Black is King' project is definitely Beyoncé’s costume and wardrobe choice, ranging from colour choices to fabrics. Every outfit seems to represent a deeper meaning affiliated with black lives. It is only a matter of time before designers start replicating the fabrics and outfits, so the masses can participate in the ‘Black is King’ fashion movement as well.

Here are some fashion statements by Beyoncé which may turn into fashion trends soon

1. Teal Green

In several videos, from 'Brown Skin Girl', featuring Wizkid, to 'Already', featuring Shatta Wale, teal green remains a constant colour theme in the 'Black is King' musical film. Teal green signifies open communication, clarity and infinity. This invariably means the black race is endless, filled with so much potentials, mostly yet to be tapped, nevertheless embodies endless possibilities.

2. Purple

Purple is another predominant colour in the musical film, 'Black is King.' It signifies the royalty of blacks, born as kings and queens, who should be revered and not trampled on by other races.

3. Monochrome (White and Black)

Monochrome is definitely here to stay because it has been a recurring fashion statement which Beyoncé has portrayed severally in this project. We look forward to more monochrome designs which will come out as a result of this project.

4. Floral Print

Beyoncé rocked outfits with different floral print patterns in the 'Black is King' project. Floral print signifies joy, hope and positivity. This translates that irrespective of the chaos and crisis rocking the black people, they are still hopeful with a positive mindset and maintaining their joy. They are hopeful that things will always get better and no condition or crisis will ever overcome the race or lead it to extinction.

5. Animal Print

The American music star rocked tiger prints, leopard prints, and even cow skin. It portrays the black race as fierce, swift and accommodating to others.

6. Sequins

Beyoncé rocked sequins and beaded body-hugging outfits

7. Gold

This demonstrates that blacks go through the hottest of fires, in the form of political crisis and instability, terrorism and even constant discrimination and still come out happy and strong, refined with a higher value just like gold.

8. Blue

Blue has been said to signify intelligence, stability and unity. Although blacks might not always see eye to eye, food, music, sports and even tradition bring them together in a way that transcends borders and physical barriers. Blue also signifies conservatism, which is true of the African culture; it is still not as liberal as other customs and traditions like other continents of the world.

9. Red

Beyoncé is seen wearing a well-fitted red suit in 'My Power' video and this is so because red signifies strength and power. The black race prides itself on her strength and has begun to recognize the extent of her power in the world order.

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