Native Attire
Native Attire

5 Reasons Why Nigerian Men Love Native Attires

See five reasons why Nigerian men love native attires.

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You will agree that Nigerian men look good when dressed in T-shirts and jeans or corporate outfits but look especially stunning when rocking the native attire.

The native attire has become a fashionable trend which is here to stay and it doesn’t seem to be going out of style anytime soon.

With fashion icons, like TV personality Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, revolutionizing the concept of native attires, most young men and even the elderly outdo themselves with new trendy styles, from the native up and down to agbada. Nigerian men definitely love their native wear.

Native attires have become a must-have in every man's closet. Unlike the early 2000s when we had free-fitted native wears, native attires are sewn to be fitted and accentuate the chiselled physique of our Nigerian men.

Here are five reasons why Nigerian men love the native attire so much.

1. It connects them with their heritage

Most Nigerian men, if not all, understand that we (Nigerians) were colonized by the whites. This colonization led to the inheritance of some anti-African cultures, like wearing a shirt and knotting a tie, wearing jeans and T-shirts. For most Nigerian men, wearing our native attire makes them feel connected to their roots, giving them the pride of being associated with the African culture. In fact, Nigerian men have taken it a step further by using the native fabrics to make English or formal outfits, shoes and bags inclusive. Some companies have incorporated native attires into their office culture, which usually falls on Fridays. Nigerian men are also seen rocking the native attire beyond the shores of Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

2. The native attire is fashionable

It goes without saying that in recent times Nigerian men prefer the native attire because of the trendy intricate designs which are masterpieces on their own and make them stand out at different events and occasions.

3. It looks smart

Back in the day, if a Nigerian man wanted to look smart, he would opt for a shirt and a pair of well-fitted pants. But today, that man would opt for a well-fitted native attire which will make heads turn when he steps out.

4. It gives them the feeling of responsibility

There’s a common belief among Nigerians that responsible men dress up in the native attire because it still has its roots in the African culture. Also, with the increase in police harassment of citizens, especially young men who dress in T-shirts and jeans, most men opt for a native attire in order to appear responsible and evade public embarrassment from these officers of the law.

5. They can explore different styles

We live in an age where men want to explore different original designs unique to just them. These has led to the increase in wearing native attires because designers create unique masterpieces peculiar to one person.

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