Organic Skincare Fraud: How Online Sellers Damage Your Skin

Find out in this article things online organic cream sellers will never tell you about their products.

Gold Nne

There are over 5000 organic skincare ‘gurus’ on social media, especially Instagram, and the list keeps getting longer by the day.

For most people, like myself, the adverts of the miraculous three-day transformation and cure to almost all skincare problems known to man can be so tempting and alluring that one decides to reach out to these so-called organic skincare bosses.

Every online organic skincare seller boasts of their ‘black soap’ as the solution to so many defects while gradually toning the skin. They claim it is not bleaching and they use only purely organic products from nature. It is all a big fat scam.

Just like many young adventurous ladies on the gram, who want to maintain a healthy glowing skin, I reached out to one of these numerous organic cream sellers and asked her that I was already fair and just needed products to maintain my colour because there were too many fakes of the current skincare products I use and I needed to use something more organic without harsh chemicals. "Say no more!" she told me, insisting that she had the perfect products for my skin.

We finalized and I got the products. I used it for a few weeks and started noticing I was breaking out on not just my face but my back as well. Until then, I had never had pimples on my back and they left black spots. Like that wasn’t enough, before I could say Jack Robinson, I could see the bloody lines of stretch marks rearing their ugly heads on my thighs. At this point, I knew that the so-called organic kit was a combination of perfumed harsh chemicals which would only destroy my skin upon continued usage.

I confronted the seller, who had the guts to deny it, claiming that I had put on weight; hence, the stretch marks. She was still trying to upsell her stretch mark oil, which doesn’t work because I went ahead to try it.

In my research to find out what most of these “organic” skincare sellers use in making their products, especially the black soap and creams, I discovered that they mix Carotone, Carowhite, a harsh chemical called hot oil, Ghana black soap, whitening agents and so on.

For the cream and shower gel, I discovered that some cream sellers even go as far as adding hair conditioner to make the skin soft. I was indeed shocked. According to my source, they buy most of these ingredients at Yaba market in Lagos State.

Because of the harsh chemicals used to produce these so-called organic products, most of the vendors do not write the ingredients used in production.

If you have ever used any of these organic products and gotten green veins, stretch marks, sunburn without going out under the sun, dark knuckles, serious acne, discontinue usage of the products because they just might be responsible.

I have taken to applying palm kernel oil and carrot oil on my body and Bio-oil for the stretch marks which thankfully have begun to darken and fade away. I need my skin to heal first before looking for suitable body creams again.

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