Weird, Unorthodox, Organic Acne Treatments That Work

These are some weird acne treatments but they definitely work.

Gold Nne

I have always had a considerably flawless face with minimal acne breakouts, mostly due to my monthly flow. But for the past three months, I have had the most annoying battle with acne on my face. I tried so many facial products and so-called organic ones but they seem to be causing the most harm.

I decided to join the bandwagon and patronize one of the Instagram skincare ‘gurus’ and that has been my biggest mistake till date. I started noticing the pimple breakout spread throughout my face when I stopped using the organic products.

At this point, I became paranoid about trying any more online skincare products of supposed experts who were out to use innocent people like myself as their lab rats.

I started researching on utilizing natural ingredients to treat acne since the facial soaps I tried seemed to only make my face more sensitive and acne prone. At this point, I had started applying makeup for simple outings to avoid the annoying question, “Gold what is wrong with your face?"

In the course of my research, I went ahead to buy practically everything I saw online, from using tomatoes and cucumbers, to honey, Greek yoghurt, lemon, turmeric and even apple cider vinegar. I continued my research and stumbled on the benefits of honey for the skin and face.

I made the decision to stop using soaps to wash my face. Weird right? I know! I needed to take drastic measures to ensure I treated the stubborn acne breakout once and for all. I got a makeup puff and started applying honey on my face about 15 minutes before my shower and washed it off with warm water and a few drops of lemon.

Most mornings, I apply tomato juice on my face, allow it to dry and then wash it off with cold water. Whenever, I apply makeup on my face for an outing, I clean away the makeup with apple cider vinegar.

It was difficult not to use soap on my face at first - well, because I’m Nigerian and I am accustomed to always washing my face. In fact, I didn’t feel clean for some days, but after a few days, I continued with my honey routine.

I must say the difference is clear. The pimples stopped itching and the big ones started drying up. I was super happy. Most of the pimples are gone but now I have to move on to the next stage of fading away the dark spots on my face with turmeric.

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