Marcopolo, Lekki
Marcopolo, Lekki

Going Out Post-Lockdown: My Experience At Kingfisher/Marcopolo In Lekki, Lagos

Life in Lagos is gradually returning to normal, and fine dining at Marcopolo, Lekki, was my first post-lockdown outing.

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Having a sensitive body system comes with more cons than pros. It doesn’t mean the person isn’t healthy, it just means that you cannot get away with what others might do freely. If you try, you are sure to come down with something.

I fall into the sensitive body system category. Therefore, I had to stay indoors for a couple of weeks after the lockdown was lifted and public places became open.

But after staying indoors for months and ordering food, you begin to feel like the most reclusive species left on the planet, especially when you get tired of vicariously living through other normal people’s snaps or Instagram stories.

I finally went out on my dream lunch date on a Sunday. Going out with someone can be tedious. Applying makeup, picking out a hot gown and still wearing the smallest waist cincher to give the hour-glass illusion feel like herculean tasks for me. Plus, you can’t even order anything sensible because you have to form all prim, proper and organized so the uncle doesn’t lose your number afterwards or classify you as one of the uncouth girl gangs of Lagos.

This date was perfect. I wore a bum short, an oversized T-shirt and slippers. I was feeling like Dangote because we all know the billionaires don’t dress to impress, right? I finally ticked this off my bucket list. I wore my hair, which was like the most expensive thing in my outfit. A woman's hair says a lot about her taste and worth in Lagos.

First thing, I noticed was that it was not so compulsory to wear a mask, which was a bit alarming to me. You might also need to carry a pocket-sized hand sanitizer or get an air doctor for your personal protection.

I chose to have lunch at Marcopolo because Kingfisher seemed too crowded for me and I needed space. I sat close to the window so I could get a good glimpse of the water and other interesting activities, like Lagos babes trying to get the attention of some white dudes (Yes, they have resumed work and I wasn’t going to miss out on that).

About three minutes after we settled in, we were served the menu. We ordered drinks and seafood pasta. We were given hot towels to sanitize our hands and it felt really good.

Overall, the food at Marcopolo was good. I had octopus,which was inside the seafood pasta, for the first time, and it was not as bad as I thought it would be, although I would have preferred it a bit tastier. The pepper sauce helped with that, though.

If you plan to visit Kingfisher or Marcopolo, I would advise you do the latter because of the social distancing policy in place and hot towel sanitization. It feels safer.

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