Planning A Trip For December? Here's A 3-Step Guide To Cutting Cost
Planning a trip

Planning A Trip For December? Here's A 3-Step Guide To Cutting Cost

Here's a realistic, cost-effective guide to planning a trip.

Gold Nne

There is a tradition for Lagosians to work hard all year long and return to to their respective villages during the Christmas and New Year holidays.

The millennials have especially cultivated the habit of planning trips to different places to celebrate the holidays because not everyone likes to be with extended family. Those with 9-5 jobs have worked hard all year long and the Christmas break is usually the longest for most. Hence, many take advantage of the opportunity to visit new places.

There are a few months left till the Christmas break and you definitely deserve to travel somewhere. Nigeria has so many beautiful places with serene, picture-perfect environments that you can visit. You could also go outside Nigeria, like Ghana or Benin Republic.

Here are some tips to consider while planning that trip:

1. Leave Travelling Agencies Alone

Contrary to popular belief, planning a trip with travel agencies and these travel groups, especially within Nigeria, are more expensive than when you plan the trip yourself. These agencies take out their commission. When you plan alone, you can choose a suitable hotel and a feeding option which meet your budget. Google the tips you need for the place you have in mind. You will definitely find cheaper options than what travel agencies offer you.

2. Plan With Like Minds

Planning trips alone can seem so herculean and daunting. Get talking and you will find that you’re not the only one interested in travelling to your desired location. When you get a group of people willing to travel together, the planning becomes easier and you become more disciplined in saving enough to ensure the trip becomes a reality at the appointed time.

3. Create a Budget and Save Monthly in a Piggy Bank

After making your research for the desired destination of your trip, create a budget that will cover everything, from logistics and feeding to accommodation and other miscellaneous spending. This will guide you in saving adequately towards the trip.

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