Muslim Students on Hijab
Muslim Students on Hijab

Ambode Confirms Use Of Hijab For Lagos Muslim Students



Lagos State governor, Akinwunmi Ambode has confirmed the use of hijab on the uniform in schools across the state.

The ban was lifted on Tuesday, November 13,2018, via a circular released by Olukoya, Tutor General/Permanent Secretary of the state.

Olukoya in his statement said students are free to wear hijab on school uniform while still awaiting the Supreme Court ruling.

He stressed the need to avoid contempt of court because the case is still pending in the Supreme Court of Nigeria.

He advised that student to wear short, smart and neat hijabs with the same colour of their school uniforms till the judgement favours the state government.

Lagos High Court in 2016 had banned students in public school from putting on the Hijab on their school uniform.

Dissatisfied by the decision, the state government approached the apex court to challenge the ruling.

In the wake of the crisis, and to respect the rule of law, the state government banned the controversial hijab use in public schools until yesterday when thestate government lifted the ban.

There was a respite yesterday when the news hit public schools across the state. Students especially Muslim students were in a joyous mood after receiving the news.

This is coming after the hullabaloo of Amasa Firdaus who was called to bar in her Hijab.

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