Health Benefits Of  Kola Nut

Health Benefits Of Kola Nut

Ilori Titilayo

You are mistaken if you think bitter kola is only for old people.

Also, the plant is called ‘bitter kola’ because of its fruit’s bitter taste and it becomes sweeter as you chew it. Furthermore, it grows in African forests.

Bitter plants offer a wide variety of useful elements, such as vitamins B, A, C, E, potassium, iron, fibre, calcium, and antioxidants.

Its seeds are for medical and personal purposes. Thusly, it is mostly used by African tribes as a welcome symbol for different ceremonies and gatherings.

These nuts are actually the three seeds located inside the fruits, but they are better known as garcinia kola or bitter kola.

Most people consume this nut without knowing the health benefits. Thus read why you should eat kola nut at least twice a day.

Benefits of kola nuts, bitter kola, and bitter kola leaves:

1.  Kola nut and kola nut leaves contain caffeine which can eliminate headaches.

They are capable of widening brain blood vessels and reducing pains.

Kola nut can improve your metabolism since they have caffeine and offer a portion of it for good health.

2. Consuming kola nut is healthy for your joints, it slows down pains and it is a natural treatment for osteoarthritis problems.

3. In case you don’t know, this nut is good for different respiratory health conditions, it fights breathing issues.

And can also be used to cure asthma, please consult your doctor first.

4. The antioxidant in kola nuts can protect you from different bacteria.

The nuts can help your body system fight different illnesses and improve your immunity.

5. Kola nut is a natural treatment for healthier eyes,  people who have glaucoma might find it helpful to consume bitter kola daily for a period as a natural treatment for eye disease.

6. If you are always having constant indigestion, try to eat kola nut it will go away.

These seeds help to produce gastric acid that boosts enzymes necessary for better digestion.

7. It is an energy booster, bitter kola and its leaves can boost your central nervous system and such natural stimulation can increase your energy.