How To Treat Heavy Period Flow With Natural Products

How To Treat Heavy Period Flow With Natural Products

Ilori Titilayo

Heavy period flow in women is a medical condition known as menorrhagia.
 It’s one of the most common types of period problems that causes an excessive amount of menstrual fluids.
A heavy flow can be very uncomfortable, it can affect one’s daily activities.
This may sometimes result in moodiness due to insecurity growing from the constant risk of leaking or staining.
if you experience a heavy flow for a prolonged period of time.
You can suffer from anemia, physical weakness and other negative reactions that put your health at risk.
Therefore, you should try out several natural remedies that can help you control it without the use of any medication
1. Did you know cinnamon is one of the healthiest spices for a woman?
Consuming cinnamon can help with balancing your hormones and reduce period related problems.
It has antispasmodic properties, an anti-inflammatory that prevents premenstrual syndrome symptoms, among other things.
2. Bach flower remedies is a natural solution for menorrhagia.
Consuming back flower extracts also reduces the sensitivity women experience during their period.
They’re perfect for preventing a woman with heavy flow from mood-swings.
3. Licorice root contains active ingredients which help regulate the body’s estrogen levels in order to stop heavy period flows.
If you Combine the root with honey, it creates a relaxing and anti-inflammatory remedy.
This can reduce bloating and pain caused by your period.
4. apple cider drink is high in nutrients, it is one of the best ingredients for reversing the negative effects of having a heavy period.
It is also great for reducing the risk of swelling and hormone imbalances.
At the same time, this drink’s purifying properties make it great for your overall health.
5.  Raspberries, the great amount of tannin content are good for the uterine area muscles. They reduce menstrual pain and bloating
Also, the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of raspberry leaves are great for treating some of the problems that come from having a heavy period.
How To Treat Heavy Period Flow With Natural Products