Likely Causes Why Couples Lose Interest In Sex

Likely Causes Why Couples Lose Interest In Sex

Ilori Titilayo

Sex is essential in every relationship including marriage.

Couples tend to frequently indulge in intimate love-making during the initial phase of their relationship.

When couples begin to lose interest in sex, then there is a problem that needs urgent attention. This is caused by several factors

Likely causes that make couples lose interest in sex are:

1. Stress can be one of the reasons one loses interest in sex.

You may experience stress at work, family problems, financial issues, or emotional stress all this can make you lose interest.

2. Physical appearance and unhygienic habits play a vital role in lovemaking.

You can’t expect your man to make love to you when your private part is no different from a forest.

A smelly unkempt vajayjay dampens amourous feelings, especially if your man likes it neatly shaved.

Or a woman who loves her man smelling nice, and you come home to her smelling like a refuse bin.  A well-groomed physical appearance plays a key role in sex. If these unhygienic habits persist you will end up pushing away your partner.

3. It is normal for a woman to get weak when she reaches a particular age, a woman’s body has been through a lot of stress like the motherhood, housework and hormonal upheavals.

Some women might be experiencing health-related issues, it could be low levels of estrogen which causes vaginal dryness. That alone can make a woman avoid intimacy.

Men too suffer from falling levels of testosterone and this can have an adverse effect on their love life.

4. Causes of lack of sex in marriage can also be as a result of incompatibility, it could be that couples, were matched by parents.

Where both partners generally don’t get enough time to get to know each other well at a personal level. The wife might be the type who enjoys sex, while the man does not. It is important that couples know each other on a personal level.

5. Being unfair to your partner yes most men don’t care if their wife is satisfied or not, once they are satisfied that’s all that matters. Thusly, selfishness can affect the sex life of a couple

Such an attitude will push her away, you must look for a way to make her reach orgasm no matter what it takes.

6. Some couples have low intimacy because there do not communicate. It is important that you talk to each other about it, seek help if possible,  before you know things will be back on track.

7. Don’t use pills to boost your love life is not the best at first you might enjoy it, but have you thought of the side effect of such pills?

Likely Causes Why Couples Lose Interest In Sex