Rahama Indimi

Rahama Indimi Plots Move To Recover Kids From Muhammed Babaginda


Rahama Indimi, the daughter of Maiduguri born billionaire, Alhaji Muhammed Indimi has revealed fresh custody moves.

Rahama is making a strong move to recover her four children from the custody of her former husband, Muhammed Babaginda. Her estranged husband is the son of former Nigerian head of state, Ibrahim Babaginda.

Although she lost custody of her children in the wake of her marriage crisis, she may recover two out of her four children from the Babagindas.

The mother of four has begun to send emissaries to her father, Alhaji Muhammed Indimi to intervene in the matter.

However, it is yet unclear if the head of the Indimi dynasty will intervene in his daughter’s custody battle.

Rahama’s major concern has been her children after her 14-year-old marriage packed up in 2016.

Muhammed Babaginda who has vowed not to allow Rahama have access to their children has not reneged on his decision.

The children anxiously want to be with their mother despite there father’s stance.