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Things You Shouldn’t Discuss With A Pregnant Woman

Things You Shouldn’t Discuss With A Pregnant Woman

Ilori Titilayo

There are certain statements a pregnant woman doesn’t want to hear.

It is possible you’ve had a worst experience, however it’s better to keep such details to yourself.

Once you are around an expectant mother, you must be conscious of what you say.

For example:

1 Never tell a pregnant woman the pain you went through when giving birth to your kids.

The way you narrate it might leave her stressed for the rest of the period.

Instead, tell her things that will encourage her to look forward to her baby’s birth.

2. It is normal for a pregnant woman to either lose weight or add up.

Talking about how she is can cause her to panic and think she’s doing something wrong that might affect her baby’s health.

Don’t forget that women are affected by what they hear.

3. Pregnant women never want to be told about the difficult times they might experience after childbirth.

Don’t remind her of the internal and external tear she might have, and how difficult sitting is going to be after stitches

Be a source of encouragement to her and avoid focusing on the negatives. Tell her things like how she’ll be a great mom.

4. If you are not are a doctor, don’t discuss C section with her. Most women want to deliver the normal way

Don’t tell an expectant mother especially if she is expecting her first child that she might require surgery.

Such topics should be left to her doctors and nurses who will explain things in the right manner.