Why You Should Give your Partner a Pet Name

Why You Should Give your Partner a Pet Name

Ilori Titilayo

Being in a relationship with the person you’re in love with makes your life brighter and makes you happier. Thus love is one of the major areas of your life.

Giving your partner a pet name is very romantic, it creates this bond between you two, and I believe before you say the word “I do” you must be crazy about each other.

When it comes to pet names, I know some men don’t like them, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give him a nice name, rather than calling him ‘Our daddy’, ‘My Lord’, ‘Daddy Tony’ and so on, it is better you call him by his first name.

Benefits of giving your partner Romantic names:

1. You must agree with me that women like pet names, if a woman is angry with her man and he calls her different pet names she begins to blush and this will cool her anger. That is the power of a pet name.

2. Don’t say because you want to give your partner a pet name, you form pet names that will upset him or her, before giving a pet name you must know what your partner likes. Thus don’t be offensive with your pet names.

In case you don’t know what pet name to give your partner, you can choose from my collections.

i.e. Prince, my princess, wonderful flower, honey bun, doll face, honey smooch, dove, my heart, my number one, my sugar, honey bunny, beautiful sunshine, baby, sweets, my sweetie, sweet potato, sugar lips and so on.

If you don’t like any of these, a made-up pet name is much nicer than generic ones, just be creative. Pet names are certainly nice and fun, they show tenderness and respect for your partner.