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First Date
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4 Reasons You Should Have Sex On The First Date

Undecided about having sex on the first date? This should help you decide

Kevin David

Kevin David

We understand that having s*x on the first date seems like a taboo to most people. The truth, though, is if you like the person you’ll both eventually have s*x. Plus, we know our mothers and aunties have advised us not to have s*x on the first date, but these days, we know it is definitely not a death sentence. Here are a few reasons why you should taste the meal before going home. *winks*

1. Because you want to

As long as two or more consenting adults are down for whatever, there’s no issue. Just make sure you’re protected 🤤.

2. You will know if you’re sexually compatible

Wasting time and energy till the fifth date is so exhausting and so ... 1999, especially when you taste the meal and find out you’re both not compatible .

3. Eliminates awkwardness

The fact is, the longer you wait, the more pressure it'll put on both of you. If you're doing it right, the first date should leave you excited, intrigued, and a little bit tipsy - the perfect formula for cutting the awkwardness or self-consciousness. Then, when you inevitably do the deed again, you can just get right down to it!

4. Makes communication better

Communication is the cornerstone of any strong relationship, and there's no better way to test your date’s communication (and listening) skills than by having s*x. If they can't even tell you what they want in bed - or pay attention to what you do - how can you expect them to be open about more complicated things in the future?

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