10 Ways To Keep The Flames Of Your Sex Life Burning
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10 Ways To Keep The Flames Of Your Sex Life Burning

Want to have have an amazing sex life? These tips should be helpful

Kevin David

Kevin David

Everyone knows how romantic and passionate it gets at the beginning of any relationship. You cannot keep your hands off each other and you have sex spontaneously. But then as the relationship becomes older, you’re suddenly not in the “mood”, or rather, you begin to lose that sex drive you used to have which made you tear at each other’s clothes everywhere.

The big question here is, why does this important “mood” or feeling just disappear? To understand erratic excitement, you have to remember the early days when you were deeply in the mood pretty much every hour. Reflect on what was so exciting that made it hard for you to go a day without touching, holding, stroking the skin or body of that special someone.

Think about how much you wanted this person even though he/she wasn’t entirely within your reach. Remember what made this person, who was free to walk away from you, choose to stay. Think about what makes this person so special. Doing these things can help keep the flames of your sex life burning.

Check out ten additional things you can do to help you have a better sex life.

1. Try something together you’ve never done before.

2. Be spontaneous .

3. Try new sexual positions and locations.

4. Compliment each other and mean it.

5. Show more displays of affection like holding hands or sharing a quick kiss.

6. Tell each other how much you love and need each other.

7. Kiss more often.

8. Make a list of sexual possibilities.

9. Get in touch with your own sexuality .

10. Watch porn together .

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