Five Types Of Male Organs You Should Know (18+)
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Five Types Of Male Organs You Should Know (18+)

We serve you the five different types of p*nises you should know about 

Kevin David

Kevin David

Not all male organs are the same. Just like sex, p*nises are different and some are more pleasing and enjoyable than others. So, when that slutty or adventurous friend of yours tells you “that d*ck ain’t worth it”, you should pay attention.

Last week was Valentine’s Day and many people had sex. Yes! Whether you were in a relationship or not, you probably shared some romantic moments with someone. But just in case you didn’t and you’re planning on having sex some time soon, you should learn the types of p*nises you’ll be dealing with. Enjoy!

Sky High aka Banana P*nis

This type of p*nis is shaped like a banana and it is also curved or pointed upwards. It is slightly longer than the average p*nis. Research shows that this p*nis is shaped in a way that usually rubs against the upper wall of the vagina, or “pumpum” as some call it, during intercourse. This makes sex more pleasurable and enjoyable for the ladies .

The Grower P*nis

Have you ever seen a p*nis that looks small but becomes as big as your forearm when aroused? Well, that’s the grower type of p*nis. You’ll have no idea how big or long this type of p*nis is until aroused.

The Hammer P*nis

This type of penis right here looks like a hammer. With its tip much wider than its body, this penis will stretch you out when entering and only eases up when it gets in deeper.

The Straight P*nis

This type of p*nis isn’t curved or bent to any direction. It is straight and long, with the same volume at the tip and end. It guarantees maximum satisfaction when used skillfully.

The Curved P*nis

This type of p*nis is curved to either the right or left. Unlike the straight p*nis, the curved one is never straight even when flaccid. It can be the best on the list when used to its maximum potential. The curved p*nis is naturally full and hits all walls when put to use.

Watch out for more types of penises!

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