Ladies! Identify Your Type Of External Genital Organs Here (18+)
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Ladies! Identify Your Type Of External Genital Organs Here (18+)

Ladies! Can you identify your type of external genital organs? Find them here!

Kevin David

Kevin David

The anatomy of the external female genital organs is more complicated than you think. The labia, clitoris, and opening of the vagina (the vagina is an internal female genital organ. Let’s not get started on that one) are only some parts of these organs responsible for sexual pleasure.

These organs can be found in the area known as vulva, and since the focus of this article is on that area, you’ll be seeing a lot of that word here. Not all v*lvas are the same. Just as there are different types of p*nises, there are different types of v*lvas. Check out some of them below.

P.S. It is rude to judge a woman’s v*lva by the way it looks!

Ms. Barbie aka Ms Perfect

Ms Perfect is one of the most uncommon types of v*lvas there are. Its inner lips can be totally accommodated by the outer lips and both lips rest against the pelvic bone.

Ms. Extra Meat or Flaps

This type of v*lva is one where the inner lips extend lower than the outer lips and sometimes even more. Some call it the “hoe p*ssy” because it looks like it has received multiple p*nises. This, however, is untrue as some women have been known to have such v*lvas naturally.

The Thick V*lva

You know how much men praise and talk about thickness? Well, what you’ve heard is true. This type of v*lva isn’t determined by body weight and it looks like Ms. Perfect in a way. The only difference is the closeness of the lips to the pelvic bone.

Ms Cameltoe

This right here is the type of v*lva that is shaped like a cameltoe or horse feet. This is because the entrance of the v*lva opens much wider at the top, revealing the inner lips but then closes at the bottom .

Ms Tulip

This type of v*lva is one that looks like a flower bud about to bloom. This v*lva has its inner lips slightly shown through the entire length of the outer lips.

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