3 Reasons Why You Should Always Use A Condom (18+)
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3 Reasons Why You Should Always Use A Condom (18+)

Do not want to use a condom during s*x? You’d have a rethink after reading this!

Kevin David

Kevin David

Having sex is enjoyable and exploring different sex positions is even more fun, especially if it’s with someone you are attracted to. But don’t get so carried away with the fun and pleasure that you forget the important things, like using a condom. Although some would rather go raw, you should note the importance of using a condom below:

1. Prevents STI

It’s true, condoms are not 100 percent safe, but there’s at least a 70 percent chance that you’d be protecting yourself from dangerous STIs, including HIV, Chlamydia, and Syphilis, when you use a condom.

2. Birth control

If you are not on the pill and you want to protect yourself from unwanted pregnancy, condoms are your safe bet. Again, you must remember that they are not a 100 percent effective and it is possible that something may go wrong with the condom while using it, but using one is much safer than using nothing.

3. Shows maturity

Using a condom shows maturity, as it means that your partner who insists on using it is responsible or mature enough to care about your sexual health and life.

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