6 Rules To Follow When Trying To Impress Someone In Bed 
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6 Rules To Follow When Trying To Impress Someone In Bed 

Want to impress someone in bed? Find your guidelines to making an impression here!

Kevin David

Kevin David

As we all know, there are no rules to sex. However, there are certain things you should bear in mind before getting down and dirty with that boy or girl you’re really into. Now to each his or her own. The rules aren’t cast in stone but there are some basic things you should do or not do when you’re having sex with someone you like. Here are a few below.

1. Never say thank you

Your emotions are everywhere. You are as nervous as hell, but at the end, it was nice and now there’s awkward silence. Except both of you are weird like that and understand each other on that level, thank you is not an okay thing to say. Yes, it’s a magic word but the only magic you’re going to do by saying that is to make the person disappear.

2. Don’t be a know it all

We know you studied in Pornhub university and you have memorized the entire Kamasutra, but the one thing you don’t want to do is be selfish and overconfident. It’s not about you. It is about the other person and if you both have that mindset, then you’re on the right path to having a good time.

3. Don’t neglect making plans

Don’t do it in your parents’, aunty’s or siblings’ house if you don’t know when they’ll be back or if they aren’t cool with things like that. Don’t do it in your own house if you didn’t know your ex that you still like would come into town that night and then you have to ask him to leave after getting comfortable. You’re trying to impress this person, so the least you can do is get a room.

4. Never pick the phone

Now is not the best time for your hotline to ring. Of course, there’s the exception of an emergency. Again, this has to do with planning. It’s an intimate moment with this person so you need to respect the fact that the person is giving you their time so exclusively.

5. Take care of your personal hygiene

And by this, we mean both medical and personal hygiene. Sex is a personal matter, so do unto the other what you want to be done to you. It will show the type of person you are, so don’t be careless about it. Take care of yourself, get checked frequently and if you are sick or infected do well to use your drugs. The least you can do is smell nice.

6. Be honest

You need to be able to communicate with this person. Before sex, let them know if you have any terminal disease that may be of concern to them. Yes, you should tell your partner you have Herpes or HIV before you have sex with them, and not after. Be honest about the things you can or can’t handle or do. If you don’t give head or eat ass, let them know. If you don’t do anal, let them know. If you don’t like your ears being licked, let them know. Into BDSM? Let them know.

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