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3 Sex Positions For Your Weight Loss Regimen, Ladies!

Looking for simple exercises to burn some calories? Try these.

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You can spice up your sex life with your partner by trying out new sex positions, and while at it, burning some calories and building up leg, core, and arm strength. And as they say, the more you exercise, the better the results you see.

Here are three fun sex positions to help women lose weight quickly.

1. The Squatting Cowgirl

This position gives room for deeper penetration. It also helps build your leg muscles and can build up a lot more strength. Basically, it is the same as cowgirl, but rather than using your knees to support your weight, you will be in a low squatting position. At first, you might probably need some help with balance from your partner until your legs get accustomed to the rhythm you create. You can also place your hands on your partner's chest gently for extra support. Try this constantly and it will increase your stamina and strengthen your calves, thighs, quads, glutes, and even abs.

2. The Wheelbarrow

According to sex experts, this is arguably one of the highest calorie-burning sex positions you can engage in. The longer you can keep it going, the more of a gym-like exercise it will become. Master this, and you could even skip some time at the gym. But it is important to drink lots of water. While engaging in the wheelbarrow, the woman supports herself entirely on her arms, while the partner holds up her lower body. The more weight the woman chooses to hold, the more of an exercise this will become. It feels like an intense plank workout but with an added advantage, that is intense pleasure.

3. Lotus

Lotus might look like an easy position, but there is a bit of work involved. You can easily switch into this by sitting on your partner’s thighs with your legs wrapped around him, still facing your partner. It’s not so difficult to get into this position, but there’s a bit of work involved now to get into a rhythm and motion. If you can find the rhythm, you will feel the burn around the lower part of your body. This position targets the thighs, abs, and glutes at the same time. If you can keep this going for a while, you’ll be doing body workouts with your partner and you will feel like you hit the gym when you are done.

Be spontaneous with your partner. Try out these simple sex positions for beginners and burn the calories you have always desired to.

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