Anna’s Choice 1

Anna’s Choice 1

Kenny Awotorebo

 WRITTEN BY: Dame Valuta

Hello folks!

I am Dame… The sexually eccentric cougar with a mind filled with endless stories, gearing to burst loose. Now, I’m not going to assure you that you would be pleased with my tales… Oh no! My tales are taboo to the African mind. But, I guarantee that my stories will suck you in and make you dream of the characters. And of course, titillate your senses.

So lean back casually and allow your mind roam free, while I introduce you to ANNA.


She was determined to make this work. She had resolved to give this her all. She wasn’t one of those girls that allowed little kinks destroy her relationship. She was a fighter… a lioness. She protected her relationship no matter how badly it turned and did everything in her power to nurse it back to health. How she did it might not be generally acceptable to the liberated woman but Anna didn’t care. She was the kind of girl that had to be in a relationship to feel complete. So she forced herself to stay in one, even when the signs of life had gone from it.

The car horn blared impatiently, signaling her cue to leave the house. She stared at her reflection one last time. She wasn’t a bad-looking girl. Her breasts were average; she had just the right curves for her height and her face was flawless. Her make- up tonight was light, simple and elegant. Her Lycra dress hugged her in the right places and the red stilettos accentuated her beautifully slim legs to perfection. She was ready for Soji tonight. She hoped everything would go as planned but reserved a small portion in her heart for doubts. The horn blared again and she grabbed her purse and left the room.

Outside, Soji wore a frown. He hated waiting and could never understand why women enjoyed making men wait. He’d told Anna that he would be at her place at seven o’clock, sharp. Traffic had afforded her an extra thirty minutes and he’d expected her to be out of the house as soon as she heard the car horn. Apparently, she wasn’t ready and his scowl settled because he was sure she wouldn’t be out for another thirty minutes. Soji wasn’t a patient man and with Anna his patience was at level zero. He punched the horn again and left his hand on it, causing a loud irritating noise in the otherwise quiet neighborhood. The door opened and Anna strolled out briskly and headed towards his car.

The drive to his place was silent. Soji’s scowl was still in place and Anna made no attempt at conversation. They arrived at his house and she got down and waited patiently for him to park his car. He led the way into his apartment while she followed him meekly behind. Inside the house, Anna noted a few changes had been made. The photo frames on his mantle were missing… The furniture had been moved around and everywhere looked neat and homely. Soji wasn’t a domesticated kind of guy and this new arrangement couldn’t have been done by the cleaning lady. Anna said nothing. The tension between them was bad enough and she didn’t want to rock the boat of their already fragile relationship. She sat on the couch, feeling like a stranger… the whole atmosphere, making her uncomfortable. He dropped his car keys and cell phone on the center table and headed for the bar to pour out drinks. Anna watched him, wondering if there was any point in her trying to fight an obviously lost cause.

When he handed her the glass of scotch, she took it with a mumbled “Thanks” and downed the alcohol in one gulp. The scotch burned her throat and almost made her cough but she restrained herself and dropped the empty glass on the center table. He made no attempt to refill her glass and instead sipped his scotch in silence. The tension between them was threatening to strangle her so she cleared her throat and smiled at him wanly.


He cut her off almost immediately with a gruff “Let’s not talk… Don’t let us ruin the moment with words”.

Anna fell silent. She watched him sip his drink till he finished it and dropped his empty glass on the center table. Then he got up and stretched out his hand to her… She took his hand and allowed him lead her to the bedroom. Inside the bedroom, she watched him undress with clinical detachment but made no attempt to do the same. A few minutes later, he was standing before her, stark naked; his penis nodding lazily to life. Only then did he smile at her.

“What are you waiting for Anna… Get your clothes off so I can see your beautiful body.” He said with a leery grin.

She didn’t smile back at him but she obliged and undressed. She watched his eye darken with lust at the sight of her naked body and she steeled herself from screaming at him as he walked up to her and pulled her close… fondling her breast.

‘He always does this’ she thought unhappily. ‘He always gives me the cold shoulder then changes abruptly when I undress.’

But she loved him. She was willing to bear his coldness and distant attitude because when he touched her, her body flamed up with need… Just like it was flaming up right now as he rubbed her left nipple with his palm. When he realized that her nipples had tightened into a bud, he bent down and took one of them in his mouth and sucked it tenderly. An involuntary moan escaped her as his tongue rolled expertly over her peaked bud. Her moan made his penis stiffen into a rock- hard state. Anna sighed and gave in. No point pretending she didn’t want his mouth all over her sensitive parts or his dick buried deep inside her. She wanted it so bad. Despite his shitty, insensitive behavior, Anna loved the way Soji fucked her.

She allowed him lead her to the bed and willingly lay back and spread her legs… Waiting mostly, for him to come and dig into her. She closed her eyes and shut out all of Soji’s negatives… The cheating, the lies, the coldness, the impatience… Everything! In the darkness behind her lids, she saw Soji as she wanted him to be; tender, loving, caring and protective.

She moaned as his fingers slid into her… Thrusting in slowly… Preparing her for his eventual penetration. Running her hands all over his back and arse, she gasped in delight as she felt his dick burrow into her with just the right amount of force she loved. She spread her legs wider apart, tilted her hips up slightly and felt it crash back on the bed as he delivered his usual thrusts. Her moan rang out in a steady stream and somewhere in her head, she heard him say “Easy Anna… I’ve got neighbours”. But she didn’t care. He rammed into her hard and fast, making his bed rock and making her body vibrate in response.

Soji didn’t use protection and that worried her but she was too afraid to protest lest he ended the relationship. Instead, she protected herself with Postinor for pregnancy and antibiotics for any STD he might have. She vehemently closed her mind to HIV/AIDS and often backed it up with silent, mournful prayers… Anna knew she was gambling with her life but she couldn’t help it. She loved fucking Soji without a condom. She loved how his dick filled her inside and bruised her slightly… She loved the feel of him cum inside her…

Soji lifted her legs and placed them on his shoulder… positioned himself and began to fuck her again… ramming her with a steady rhythm that made her scream out and clutch at his pillows. He was breathing hard, his orgasm dangerously near… but she was oblivious. She grabbed a pillow and covered her face with it, screaming into it as she climaxed. Seeing her with her pillow-covered face, Soji’s control broke free. He thrust into her a few more time and groaned as his released gushed out. He fell atop her, breathing hard, not minding that his weight might bother her. Anna didn’t complain… she bore it; the sexual exhilaration ebbing fast. Surprisingly, he was still cumming. She could feel his dick inside throb and shoot, throb and shoot and wondered mildly if he had repented of his womanizing way.

She heard the sound first. It was like a key turning in the door… Then the doorbell. Soji flew off her like she was a porcupine and hurriedly got dressed.

“What are you looking at?” he growled at her. “Won’t you get dressed?”

His mood was back to black and she wondered briefly why he would want her to get dressed. She watched him run around like a headless chicken, getting photo frames from the wardrobe and returning them to the living room. The doorbell rang again and this time it was accompanied by an impatient knock and an irritated female whinny voice. Anna’s heart grew cold as she realized that the picture frames bore photos of Soji and a pretty, chubby girl. She’d known he was cheating on her but how had it degenerated to ‘family photos’ with another woman?

“Anna, I don’t like what you’re doing o. I said you should get dressed!”

“Why?” Came her cold response.

Her question shocked him. He wasn’t expecting her to speak or ask questions. It was obvious he expected her to oblige quietly, like she always did. But Anna had had enough.

“You come to my house to pick me, knowing you’re expecting another woman? What category of bastard are you sef? Inshort….”

Anna began to dress up… Furious at Soji for his disrespect; furious at the girl knocking, for taking her man and making her miserable… but most of all, furious at herself for holding on to something that was a glaring mistake from the get go! He didn’t bother to respond to her outburst. Instead, he marked his face with disdain and waited for her to finish dressing up. When she was done, he beckoned her to the kitchen. She followed him, too angry to realize what he planned to do and only snapped to reality when she saw him holding the back door open for her

Without a word, she turned on her heel and stormed to the living room, making her feet move so fast that she got to the door before he could gather himself. Standing outside, her face scrunched up angrily was Teni…. the only daughter of Chief Olatunbosun Brathwaite… the owner of the company where Soji worked. Suddenly, a lot of puzzles began to fall, perfectly, into place.





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