Anna’s Choice 2

Anna’s Choice 2

Kenny Awotorebo

 WRITTEN BY: Dame Valuta


Hope you all had a groovy weekend? As promised, I managed to scribble the second part of last week’s story… ANNA’S CHOICE. Here’s hoping it excites YOU the readers, in more ‘ways’ than one…

And yes….. ALL ‘assumed’ sightings of PUN in the above statement, WAS intended!


Teni gave her a look of abject boredom and swept past her into the house. Anna was miffed. She’d hoped… Nay… Wished that Teni would be upset on noticing that a woman opened the door after the brief delay; but Teni was not. Instead, she gave Anna a cursory, disinterested glance and turned her attention back to Soji.

“Who is this one?” She asked in her high pitched voice. She didn’t sound like she expected a response.

Anna stood there motionless, gawping at Teni… Wondering if it would be worth jail time to slap the arrogant brat. Apparently, Teni’s stance gave Soji the confidence he’d lost temporarily when Anna opened the door. He turned to Anna, pinning her with a cold glare, then lifted his lip in a cruel smile.

“One of the many girls who won’t take NO for an answer. She thought opening the door would make you mad and act irrational…”

Teni burst into scornful laughter. She gave Anna a cold once over then turned and planted a wet kiss on Soji’s lips.

“It’s gonna take more than just opening doors for me to leave my man, ho! Now, get lost before I tag you an intruder and make you a Maximum Security Prison Bitch!”

Soji pushed Anna out the door and slammed it shut. He turned with a smile to face Teni… Pleased that she hadn’t brought the roof down in tantrum… and was rewarded with a vicious slap on the cheek. The slap made Soji reel back, stunned. Teni inched closer to him, her eyes blazing with a fury that could only be compared to insanity.

“Let this be the last time you’ll entertain your ‘hoes’ in this house! I’m only cutting you this slack because I know and understand that men need to get their freak on, especially before they get married; but if this happens again, you’ll rue it. And please… When next you want to pick a girl, be decent enough to pick one with class!”

Teni stalked towards the bedroom. Soji watched her, his hand still on his cheek that was still smarting from her slap. He saw her emerge from the bedroom, dumped the beddings on the floor and returned to the bedroom.

Outside, Anna paced frantically. A lot of things ran through her mind; one of which was to stalk back to Soji’s house and create chaos. Now she understood why Soji’s attitude changed towards her. Being the self-absorbed social climber that he was, Soji had managed to charm Chief Brathwaite’s daughter and was obviously in a relationship with her. Anna’s two years of tolerating Soji’s bullshit and selfish lovemaking had ended in her being discarded like rotten Irish potato.

Tears poured down Anna’s cheeks as the full force of the humiliation hit her. She had been faithful in the two years of their relationship and now, it had all come to naught. Anger and regret drove her to distraction and made her walk unseeingly, not minding that her purse was still in Soji’s house. She had gotten to Gbagada bus stop when she realized she would need her purse. The thought of returning to Soji’s place filled her with anger and dread. The bus stop was near deserted and the few people there didn’t look like people who would render help should she resort to begging for transport fare. Her cell phone was also in her purse so there was no way she could call anyone to come get her. With a resigned sigh, she turned and walked away from the bus stop… not remotely looking forward to her journey back to Soji’s place.

She was wondering what would happen when she eventually got to Soji’s place when she noticed that a car was tailing her. Sudden fear gripped her and she hastened her steps. Still the car tailed her. All manner of thoughts assailed her and none was pleasant. She began to utter prayers, her heart beating sporadically and almost making her palpitate. At the entrance gate of the estate where Soji lived, she slowed down and approached the security men in relief. The car also made a turn into the estate and from the way the security men hurried to open the gates and greet the occupant, Anna could tell that he was also a resident of that estate. Still, she couldn’t understand why the car hadn’t driven past her. To be on the safe side, Anna stood with the security men, waiting for the car to drive into oblivion. But it didn’t. Instead the occupant of the car drove through the estate gates and parked by a corner. He then got out of the car and approached her with a curious look.

He was tall, light-skinned, trim and fit. As he neared her, she realized that he was also good looking… very much so.

“Hey…” he said to her. “I’ve been trying to get your attention but you didn’t seem to notice”

“I’m sorry but getting the attention of a woman, at past 9pm, by driving slowly behind her is kinda creepy, don’t you think?”

He smiled sheepishly at her.

“You’re right… It’s hella creepy. I’m sorry. Can I give you a ride back to Soji’s place? I know that’s where you’re headed.”

Anna looked at him sharply.

“How do you know I’m going to Soji’s place?” She asked suspiciously

“I saw you leave his house… And paced in front of it for a few moments before walking away. He’s my neighbor… Well, my cousin’s neighbor… I’m a squatter”

He said the squatter with a huge grin as if it was something to be proud of. Anna sighed. At this point, she couldn’t afford to reject any help that came her way.

“As a matter of fact, if I’m nice to this guy, he might be able to help me get my purse from Soji without me having to face him again tonight.” Anna thought to herself before flashing a wry smile.

She agreed to the ride and willingly followed the guy to his car. The drive was short and filled with stereo music. The guy made no attempt to start a conversation or introduce himself… and for that, Anna was grateful. When they approached Soji’s apartment, her heart began to beat fast and she turned to him with a pleading look.

“Please, can you stop here?”

He pulled the car to a halt almost immediately and turned to look at her, as if expecting her to say more. Anna was already sweating in fear as she stared at Soji’s apartment. The guy noticed.

“I’m sorry, I may be wrong, but something tells me you’re not too enthused to go back there…”

Anna avoided his look and continued staring at Soji’s place; but she nodded in agreement.

“I’m not… But I need to get my purse. I forgot it in my anger and only realized it wasn’t with me at the bus stop. I wish there was a way it could magically appear so I won’t have to go ring his damned bell” she said in frustration.

The guy continued to stare at her speculatively, his eyes burning her with a curiosity that he mercifully did not explore. Instead, he opened the car, muttered a curt “I’ll be right back” and trudged towards Soji’s apartment. Anna watched him walk to the door and stopped short. She saw him bend down to get something and then after a few minutes, he began to head back to his car. He entered the car and handed Anna’s purse to her.

“I’m sure this is yours. I found it just in front of his apartment. Obviously, his fiancée must have tossed it out.”

Anna’s ears buzzed. FIANCÉE??? Teni was Soji’s fiancée??? Suddenly, it all seemed too much for her to bear. She burst into tears again. The guy said nothing. He started his car and drove to his apartment, allowing her cry and made no attempt to console her. When he got to his place, he got down from the car and turned to open the door for her. But Anna wouldn’t budge.

“Please just take me to Gbagada bus stop, let me find my way home”

“I’m sorry, I won’t do that… One, because it’s late and you shouldn’t be at the bus stop at this time. People get robbed there a lot. And two, you’re in no condition to be left alone. You need company; a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on… you also need brandy in your system. I’ve got all of that, so come inside with me…. Please…”

Anna remained in the car for a few minutes longer, sobbing pitifully and shaking her head at her miserable life. The guy watched her… not moving away and not withdrawing his offer. Her tears finally began to subside and she looked up at him.

“That brandy offer sounds nice sha…” she said in a shaky voice.

He reached out his hand and she took it gratefully, feeling like a baby. Stepping into the apartment made her understand why he called himself a squatter. The living room was filled with photos of a couple and their two little children. Most of the photos were taken abroad, including the wedding photos. There was something vaguely familiar about the groom but Anna couldn’t place it. The house was obviously not his and from the silence, the owners were not around. The guy headed for the small bar, tucked in a corner of the living room, poured some brandy into a glass and took it back to her. Then he sat opposite her, staring inquiringly… expecting her to speak.

Anna took a gratifying sip of the brandy. It burned her throat and stomach and made her realize that she hadn’t had dinner. Soji was supposed to feed her and fuck her. Instead, he had fucked her and shoved her out of his house like a roadside hooker. Her tears began to flow again as she pondered her sad situation.

“Can I ask just one question? What are you doing with an asshole like Soji?” He couldn’t help the puzzled frown that marred his brows.

Anna didn’t blame him for calling Soji an asshole. In the last couple of months, she had asked herself the exact same question and yet couldn’t come up with an answer. Perhaps, if she explained to this good looking stranger, he might be able to tell her WHY she was with Soji. So Anna began to talk. She started from the very beginning… How she met Soji… how their relationship was initially smooth… how she began to notice cracks… his incessant cheating… the resultant indifference in his attitude towards her. Anna talked and cried and explained to the stranger why she had stayed on in the relationship… how she had hoped to salvage it and how the incident at Soji’s place earlier had made her realize that she was fighting a lost cause. The guy listened in silence; getting up just once to refill Anna’s glass. Anna shed a lot of tears, cussed and expressed her frustration to a total stranger. She felt some kind of odd connection to the guy and had no qualms discussing her and Soji’s sex-life with him.

The guy didn’t interrupt her. He let her talk; smiling when need be and chuckling in genuine amusement at some of the silly things she had done to impress Soji. When she was done with her story, he asked her if she had eaten dinner. She said no and he promptly disappeared into the kitchen. He emerged later with some sandwiches and coffee. He watched her eat hungrily, noting that she was no longer shy around him. When she was done, she giggled and announced that she was drunk and needed to sleep. He led her to a room, which was supposedly the Guest Room, however, it looked occupied. Anna didn’t dwell too much on the room though. She had just unburdened her problems to a complete stranger, drank enough brandy to make her tipsy, eaten sandwiches like a starving child and was now ready to lay her head on a soft pillow. She didn’t bother to undress. She slipped under the duvet. Fully clothed and slept off almost immediately. The guy entered the room to ask if she wanted a T-shirt to change into but found her fast asleep. He stared at her in pity for a bit before turning off the light and exiting the room.

The next morning, Anna woke up suddenly, her eyes widening in surprise as she realized that the events of the previous night had not been a dream after all. She hopped off the bed, making sure she straightened it out properly before heading out of the room. Everywhere was still very quiet. She intended to get her purse from the living room, probably drop the guy a thank-you note and slip out of the house before he awakened. When she managed to find her way into the living room, she stopped in shock.

Lying on the couch, deep in slumber, was the guy. He was wearing only an inner white T-shirt and very short boxers. The duvet with which he covered himself was on the floor. His right hand was thrown carelessly above his head while his left hand lay casually across his stomach. Seeing him in the morning light was a joy because, he was indeed handsome. But his physical attractiveness was not what stunned Anna. What actually caught her eye was his “morning wood”. She was quite impressed by his erection. The bulge from his boxers gave a clear indication of his endowment. He groaned a little in his sleep and Anna quickly stepped back in an attempt to flee the living room. But he didn’t wake up. Instead, his left hand that had been lying on his stomach casually snaked down and slipped into his boxers. Anna stepped back into the living room, her mouth open in surprise as she watched him wank… slowly… in his sleep! His penis seemed to grow larger with every stroke and for a brief moment, Anna wanted to walk up to him and replace his hand with her mouth.

She stared at him, heat suddenly engulfing the area between her thighs, making it moisten with need. All thoughts of leaving the house took flight and instead, left her with a feeling of intense sexual need. The head of his dick managed to escape via the small slit in his boxers and Anna nearly swooned at the sight. She was so focused on his dick that she did not realize he’d opened his eyes. It was when his hand stopped stroking that she looked at his face.

Instant mortification froze her to the spot as she stared into his expressionless face. She had been caught at an uncomfortable moment and she wondered how she was going to escape without looking like a right “Peeping Patricia.”





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