Anna’s Choice 3

Anna’s Choice 3

Kenny Awotorebo

 WRITTEN BY: Dame Valuta

Hiya Folks!

I’m betting your weekend went well. As promised, the third installment of Anna’s story is here… Going by the response(s) I got from the second part, I’ve decided to lace the Part Three with a good dose of sexual interjection so as to allow your minds wander free into a world of exhilarating fantasies. I hope this post titillates and sends you into a ‘sexplosive’ realm.



Anna turned away quickly and headed back into the bedroom, feeling mortified. She didn’t know what to do and needed a moment to clear her head. Sadly, her head couldn’t be cleared. All she could think about was the guy stroking his dick and her worrisome response as she stood there and watched. There was a brief knock and the door opened. Anna stood frozen, lost for words as the guy entered the bedroom. He was wearing just his boxers and for the first time, Anna had a good look at him. He had an enviable physique… Flat, ridged abs, strong arms and firm thighs. Last night, she’d noticed he was fit but now, staring at him in just his boxers, she realized that he was very, very fit. He looked like a gym-buff.

But it was his face that really fascinated her. She’d noticed he was handsome right away but this morning, with the bright sunlight filtering into the bedroom, he looked like a Greek god. His eyebrows were full and well-shaped; his lashes long and almost feminine looking… His nose was pointed and his lips were incredibly pink and full. Anna had to give it to him; he was one of the most physically attractive men she’d ever clapped her eyes on. The moistness between her thighs increased and made her even more uncomfortable.

“Morning…” he said casually; as if nothing awkward had happened between them.

She mumbled a response and avoided his gaze.

“Sooo… I see we got off on a weird note this morning” he continued.

He didn’t seem ashamed or embarrassed that he had been caught wanking. As a matter of fact, he sounded like it was a natural occurrence and it made Anna even more uncomfortable. He was clearly at ease with himself, sexually. She tried to imagine Soji’s reaction if he had been the one caught wanking. He would probably turn it into a fight and somehow blame her for it.

“It was weird… but I apologize for not walking away when I saw…” her voice trailed off shyly.

“I don’t think you should apologize to me. I should be dishing out apologies for being such a disgusting pervert… especially when I knew I had a guest at home.”

Anna smiled at his choice of words and the insincerity of his apology. He didn’t sound like he was sorry he was caught in a lewd act.

“BUT… Seeing as my guest is very sexy, who can blame me for my actions?”

Anna smiled. She was secretly pleased that he thought of her as sexy though she suspected he was merely doling out flattery. But it did help her self-esteem that had been mauled by Soji’s cruel behavior.

“You are generous with flattery Mr….?”

“I don’t do the whole mister thing. I’m more comfortable with my first name… ”

Anna gave him an inquiring look, expecting him to mention his name. But he didn’t. He just stared at her with a sly smile.

“Well then, I’m going to call you MISTER until you decide to tell me your name” she told him drily. His smile merely broadened and made him even more handsome.

“Ok… I know I’m being an asshole and I’m sorry. I was deliberately trying to be obtuse just so you could forget the awkwardness in the living room. My name is Roy.”

“… And I’m Anna… Nice to meet you.”

She inched nearer and proffered her hand to him. He smiled and shook her with as much formality as he could muster.

“Thank you for last night… I have no words save for THANK YOU.”

“You’re welcome. So Anna, what would you like for breakfast?”

“Errrr… Nothing. I think I have imposed myself on you enough. I need to get going” she told him with a shy smile.

“Nonsense! I like the company. As you must have noticed, I’m home alone. I could do with another human being around me.”

“Don’t you have a girlfriend you can call to come over and keep you company?” she asked, trying hard to mask her curiosity.

“You’re fishing…” he said with a chuckle.

“Sorry… fishing? I don’t get it…”

“I meant, you’re fishing for information about me…” he sounded sure and it embarrassed her.

“I’m not fishing for info about you. You said you wanted company; it’s only natural to ask if you have a girlfriend…”

“I don’t have a girlfriend… not unless you want to be my girlfriend…”

Anna smiled, shook her head and made to walk past him.

“I’m going home Roy… Thanks for last night.”

As she reached for the door, he grabbed her hand and pulled her close. Not close enough for it to be termed inappropriate but close enough for her to feel the heat emanating from his body.

“Let me tell you a secret… my sisters told me this… They say it helps them get over a bad relationship real fast… It’s called rebound-dating.”

Anna swallowed slowly; painfully aware that Roy’s hotness was affecting her in ways she didn’t want to think about. Her lips suddenly felt dry and she licked it nervously.

“I know what rebound-dating is…” her voice sounded strangled in her own ears and she attempted to clear her throat.

“Then date me… I’m single and good looking enough to give Soji a complex. And at least I’m not a destitute. He hurt you. He took you for granted. He treated you like shit and threw you out at night. I might be a vain bull but I will never treat a woman that way. I’ve got 3 sisters, so I know better.”

“…But I know nothing about you…”

“…You will if you date me. Besides, imagine how upset Soji would feel if he sees you around this estate with me… It will kill him because I know he’s an arrogant, self-absorbed prick!” he said casually with not a trace of malice in his tone.

“Did he do something to you? Because it sounds like you want to get back at him also.” Anna said with a puzzled frown.

Roy chuckled then shook his head in genuine amusement.

“Soji can’t do ANYTHING to me… Not in this life time. Let’s just say, I’ve hung around him severally and… calling him a piece of shit is a glowing compliment. I’m sorry but your boyfriend is not very likable. ”

Anna said nothing for a few long minutes. She stared unseeingly ahead, lost in thought… pondering the pros and cons of Roy’s proposal. Roy didn’t let go of her hand. Instead, he began to slowly caress the pulse-point on her wrist in a manner that mesmerized Anna. Anna let out a shaky breath, the caress affecting her more than she cared to admit.

“Let’s do it! You’ll be my rebound boyfriend… Anything to hurt Soji” Anna announced suddenly.

She smiled at him broadly expecting him to smile back. Instead, he pulled her closer and leaned to whisper “Great” into her ear before seeking out her lips in a kiss. As their lips touched, Anna felt a shock of sexual current so strong that it made her freeze. Roy’s kiss was tender and soft and inevitably drew out a response from her. Anna opened her mouth and let his tongue in. They kissed, exploring each other’s taste. Roy had obviously rinsed his mouth with mouthwash because his breath was minty and fresh. Anna felt a bit self-conscious because she hadn’t done same but Roy didn’t seem to mind her morning breath. He kissed her hungrily; pulling her so close he almost crushed her with his embrace. She felt his now engorged dick poke at her and a small moan escaped her at the heat the dick left on her lower abdomen. Roy reluctantly pulled away… breathing hard.

“You know we have to fuck to make this dating arrangement official, right?” he sounded hoarse and needy.

Anna nodded, unable to trust herself. She reckoned that since Soji had probably had a glorious night with his ‘fiancée’, there was no point in her keeping herself for him. Roy was a hot replacement, albeit temporary.

She allowed him lead her to the bed and didn’t protest when he kissed her again and reached to squeeze her breast. She moaned softly as his hand kneaded her full breast and tweaked at her nipple, his mouth not leaving hers for a second. Anna was wet and wanted to be naked and feel his weight on top of her. She ran her hands all over his chest and back while they kissed. She reached and squeezed his buttocks and felt him clench it in response. Feeling bolder, she reached down and tentatively touched his penis. It throbbed in response and became even more engorged. His sheer size made her drip with need. She grabbed his penis more firmly and squeezed again. Roy groaned aloud.

“Damn! I want to fuck you so bad… So, so bad! I dreamt of you last night and I want to re-enact everything I did to you in that dream… I want to hear you scream Anna. I want to hear you cry out my name in orgasm, just like in my dream.

Anna couldn’t bear it anymore. She unfastened her jeans and pushed it down her hips hurriedly. Roy’s gaze darkened and followed the descent of her jeans, stopping briefly to stare at her clean-shaved pussy. Anna kicked off her jeans and reached to remove her top. Her bra followed almost immediately, leaving her naked to his gaze. Roy said nothing. He merely stared at her with a need too raw it left blisters everywhere he looked. His dick was now fully erect and had escaped through the small slit in his boxers. Anna looked at the dick and knew she didn’t want foreplay. There was no time for that now. All she wanted was Roy’s dick deep inside her, pounding her. She pushed further to the center of the bed and lay down, opening her legs so he could see her pussy and how wet she was.

“Damn!” was all he could say at this point.

He turned away from the bed and headed for the nearby dressing table. He got a condom from one of the drawers and tore the foil. Impatiently, he yanked off his boxers and slipped the condom on. Then he went to join her on the bed.

Positioning himself in between her open legs, Roy guided his dick towards the entrance of his pussy. He hovered there for a bit… long enough for him to flash her a small smile before pushing into her. They both moaned as they came together as one. Roy didn’t move immediately. He paused and whispered “You’re so wet… and surprisingly tight…”, before coercing her mouth in a kiss.

Roy began to thrust… making his pace slow but gradually building as the excitement heightened. He cupped one of her butt-cheeks and squeezed it as he fucked her, increasing his pace as her moans became louder. Anna clawed at Roy’s back, screaming out her pleasure mindlessly and lifting her pelvis to receive his thrusts.

“I’m gonna cum…. I’m gonna cum… Ohhhh… I’m cumming, I’m cumming…” she whimpered.

Roy began to pound her fast, making sure her climax was heightened… Anna screamed and trashed about as her orgasm tumbled out and crashed all around them. Her screams and trashing about drove Roy to the edge. He thrust into her a few more times and pressed into her deep as he began to cum, groaning into her ear. Anna was still in the throes of orgasm so she pulled him close and kissed him and felt him groan in her mouth as he shot his seed into the condom.

They lay there, entwined in each other’s arms, breathing hard and trying to catch their breath. Roy rolled off her and instead pulled her atop his body. They lay in that manner for several minutes. Then Roy kissed her forehead and smiled at her.

“Today is Saturday… got any plans?” he asked her.

Anna shook her head in the negative and buried her face on his chest; a sudden shyness overcoming her.

“Ok. What if I make plans for us? Will that be alright?”

She nodded but still didn’t say anything.

“Great! I’m gonna go make us breakfast, we’ll eat and then make love properly. And then we’ll sleep. When we wake up, we’ll make love again and then go out and grab a bite to eat. Then I’ll take you home to get a change of clothes then bring you back and make love again… then you can decide what we’ll do at night. You cool with my plans?”

Anna burst into laughter and turned to look him in the eyes.

“How many times did lovemaking feature in your plans?”

“Three times… Is that too small? We could stay home and fuck all day though…” He said with a mischievous smile.

“No, your original plan was fine. My only fear is that you might collapse after the second lovemaking…” she teased him.

“Babes, I haven’t been with a woman in six months… Trust me, I WILL NOT COLLAPSE!

He slapped her butt and gently pushed her off his body. He got off the bed and removed the condom, taking it into the adjoining bathroom to flush it down the toilet. He returned to the room, wore his boxers and leaned to kiss her on the lips again.

“I hope you like scrambled eggs and bacon?”

“I like scrambled eggs but I’ve never had bacon in my life…”

He flashed her a bright smile, his eyes warming at her sincerity.

“Freshen up darling and hold on tight. Roy is gonna take you on a First Class Tour of cuisine, music, movies and of course, sex!”

He winked at her dramatically and left the bedroom. Anna smiled broadly. She didn’t know why she had agreed to date Roy on the rebound… There was no clear explanation for her sudden decision but deep down in her guts, she knew that for the first time in her life, she had made the right choice. To be on the safe side, she decided to peg her “relationship” lifespan with Roy at one month. She was going to sit back and enjoy her one-month long fling and make sure she rubbed it in Soji’s face.

With her smile still in place, Anna tottered into the bathroom, gloriously naked and pleased.




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