Anna’s Choice 4

Anna’s Choice 4

Kenny Awotorebo

 WRITTEN BY: Dame Valuta


It’s a new week and I’m excited to face the challenges that it brings. I’m also excited because today, I bring you the final installment of Anna’s Choice. I’m sure most of you are curious to know how this will all end… To some, it might be cliché, to others; it just might be an unexpected twist. Whichever way it goes, please appreciate the effort by dropping your comments and letting the writer know what you feel about the series. Your comments are anticipated really and would be genuinely appreciated.



Her weekend zoomed by like a dream. After her breakfast with Roy, they made love and slept off. The initial plan he’d made, that included taking her home to get change of clothes, going out for lunch and night outing was cancelled. Instead Roy and Anna stayed back home, ate and made love continually till they were both too spent to do anything but sleep. Anna had met amazing lovers in her life; Soji featuring prominently at the top of her lover’s list… but she had never met anyone as skilled as Roy. He touched her and she burst into flames. He was tender and rough, romantic and somewhat brutal… a perfect blend of ruggedness and tenderness. He was so skilled that Anna cried out in pure joy anytime she climaxed and struggled hard to hold back the flood when he licked her tears away. When he eventually dropped her off at home, he seemed reluctant but it was something he had to do.

The following week, they spoke constantly, SMSeds and even chatted on BBM. He was always in touch, always telling her how much he missed her and how much he wanted to fuck her. Anna couldn’t wait for the weekend to come. On Friday, he showed up at her office at exactly 6:30pm, looking even more handsome than she remembered. As with the first weekend, they sent most of it indoors, making love and eating. By Sunday afternoon, Anna realized she didn’t know much about Roy and tried to find out more about him. He had smiled and answered her questions vaguely. That had worried Anna a bit. Another point of worry was the fact that he didn’t want her to take any photo of him with her phone. He wasn’t mean or harsh, but he insisted firmly that she not take any picture. That left Anna a bit cold and drained a bit of the emotions that her errant mind had inevitably began to build.

The third week went by pretty much the same as the second week. The phone calls, SMSes and BBM chats continued. Anna realized that since her faux-relationship with Roy began, Soji barely crossed her mind. That came as a relief because the thought of Soji would have truly depressed her. But on the other hand, she found herself wishing that she knew more about Roy. The house he lived in wasn’t his… he never talked about work, so she had no idea what he did and worse still, he never answered his phone calls when she was around. It was like he had a secret identity that he didn’t want her to know about. Anna didn’t know what to make of it all. She suspected that she was falling in love with Roy. She couldn’t risk it.

With Soji, she knew what she was up for but Roy was a different kettle of fish. The weekend of the third week, Roy took her to see a movie on Friday night. They returned home, discussing the movie and laughing. He seemed a little preoccupied but made an effort to chat with her. That night, they lay together, cuddled in each other’s arms. They did not make love.

Saturday morning, he woke her up with sex so slow and sensual; she suspected he was trying to pass a message. He kissed her tenderly and made love to her nice and slow till her fingers and toes tingled. After they’d cum, he held her close and she listened to his heart beat in silence. Their Saturday moved by pretty slowly. That evening, he took her to a nearby drinking spot at the estate. It was a popular spot where barbecued chicken and fish were sold with chips and cole-slaw. They were seated at their table, waiting for their meal and drinking wine when Roy spotted Soji and Teni walk in. He signaled at Anna, alerting her to Soji’s presence and watched her closely to see her reaction. Anna watched Soji and Teni settle down at their table. The attention Soji showered on Teni irritated her; not because she was jealous, but because she couldn’t remember him showering her with that much attention. She watched them for a few minutes then sipped her drink. Soji and Teni’s presence seemed to help in taking her mind off the troubling thoughts of Roy.

“Should we do something to attract his attention?” Roy asked with his usual mischievous smile.

Anna shook her head reluctantly. Suddenly, the thought of making Soji jealous didn’t seem so pleasant anymore. She still wanted to hurt Soji but what was the point hurting him with a guy she was going to stop seeing in barely a week. Knowing Soji, if he found out that her relationship with Roy was short lived or a ruse, he would mock her to scorn. Roy was surprised at her change of mind. He gave her a pointed look but didn’t bring it up again. As luck would have it, Soji did notice her eventually. As to be expected, Soji was his usual arrogant self. He barked orders at the girl that served his table, making irrational demands just so everyone around would notice his presence.

Naturally, a few guys took notice and some of them made sarcastic remarks to his hearing. Typically, Soji wanting to use every medium available to register his big-boy status took on the guy who had made the remark… calling him uncouth and a riff-raff. The manager of the drinking spot was alerted and he tried to ensure there was calm, pleading with Soji. But Soji, realizing he’s gotten attention, raised his voice louder and was proving difficult. Roy had calmly gotten up and walked up to Soji, the manager and the other patron. Anna couldn’t really hear what Roy had said but for some strange reason, a sudden calm settled and Soji returned to his table. When Roy returned to his seat, Soji’s eyes trailed him petulantly. That was when he saw her. The look of shock that overcame him was swiftly replaced by derision. Knowing she was watching him, he pulled Teni close and kissed her lovingly. Anna turned away from him and continued eating.

After Roy’s intervention, he became unusually silent, barely eating his fish and chips and occasionally turning to look at her. His attitude troubled Anna and she lost appetite. After dabbling with his food for a bit, Roy signaled for the cheque, paid and they left. Anna could feel Soji’s eyes boring holes at her back but she didn’t turn to look at him. She and Roy left the drinking spot and drove back to Roy’s place in silence. She became really uneasy and as soon as they got into the house, she turned to him askance.

“Roy, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing!” He mumbled and walked past her into the bedroom.

Anna was confused. She had an uneasy feeling that he was upset with her for some reason and she didn’t know what to do. As with always, she took the easy way out. She didn’t confront him or ask him any more questions. Instead, she kept quiet and waited for him to make the move… like she always did. Unfortunately, Roy said nothing. He changed into pajamas and went to bed. When she waited in the living room endlessly for him, she went into the bedroom and found him asleep. Anna’s heart broke. It was too late for her to leave so she returned to the living room and lay on the couch. She barely slept that night. Her mind was filled with a million thoughts and she was restless. Finally, at 5am, she got up, eased her way out of the house as quietly as she could and left. She was lucky to get a ride to the estate gate and at the bus stop, she got a cab easily.

Anna got home, lay on her bed and cried. Through her relationship upheaval with Soji, she had never cried tears that broke her heart as much as she cried that morning. Her whole Sunday was filled with tears because she had expected Roy to call or text her but he didn’t.

Anna concluded that Roy’s silence was permanent two weeks later when she didn’t receive as much as a text from him. She lost a bit of weight and was almost always miserable. She felt stupid, cheap and used and really hated herself. She began to feel that she was unlovable and even found a way to justify Soji’s cruel behavior towards her during their relationship. As if on cue, Soji called. On a good day, Anna would have rejected his call; if not for anything, but to show some measure of defiance. But she answered the call, prepared to apologize to him if need be. Surprisingly, he was nice. Asking how she was doing and how work was for her. Anna was shocked. Then he asked to see her… saying they had to talk and he wanted to apologize to her. Anna stood there speechless, listening to him talk and wondering if it was Soji really calling. She agreed to meet with him the next day after work and actually looked forward to it. For once, since the incident with Roy happened, she smiled genuinely.

“Maybe my fling with Roy was actually a good thing” she thought to herself. “I might have been hurt by how it ended but it surely did bring out the jealousy in Soji… enough to make him realize what he was missing.”

The next day she was rounding up for the day when she overheard her colleagues discussing about a cancelled celebrity engagement.

“Society Magazine didn’t say what really happened but their engagement has been called off. I even hear that Chief Brathwaite’s daughter has gone back to her ex” said one of her colleagues.

“I’m sure now that his engagement is off, he’ll be back here to see Anna. And that one will gladly take him back” said the second colleague.

“Anna has no single self-esteem or regard for herself. I don’t know how a girl that pretty can be so stupid, especially with men… If I had her beauty, I would be dating a governor’s son not one struggling, no pedigree name-dropper with an ego problem.”

Anna was stunned. She now realized why Soji has called her and wanted to see her. It wasn’t because he was jealous and wanted her back. It was simply because he had been dumped. He needed her as comfort till the next conquest came along. Anna didn’t begrudge her colleagues for looking down at her. She guessed she deserved it. With a sad smile, she packed up her bag, popped her head into the office of the gossiping duo, smiled benignly at them as she wished them a good night and left for home. She ignored Soji’s calls that night and did not respond to his texts. After three days or calling and texting her incessantly, Soji resorted to insults. He sent her vile SMSes which she ignored. She was working on a report when yet another SMS came in. She almost deleted it without reading but something prompted her to read it. Anna read the SMS and her eyes widened in surprise. It was yet another insult from Soji but this time, it held a revealing message.

“So because you’ve graduated to Roy Edafe’s cum-bucket you now feel too big to pick my calls or answer my texts right? Good bitch! I didn’t really need you in my life anyway. You can be Mister Zeus Oil’s temporary fuck thing. Guys like that can never take girls like you serious anyway. Get lost forever bitch!”

Anna blinked unseeing at the message, ignoring the insult. Roy was actually Roy Edafe? The same big boy ROY EDAFE? She was never a junk magazine reader and could barely point out one celebrity from the other but the name ROY EDAFE was popular enough. No wonder he looked familiar. Zeus Oil’s was one of the top five Oil Servicing Companies in the country. Anna couldn’t believe she had spent 3 weekends in a row with one of the Lagos big boys and had NO idea who he was.

“No wonder he never talked about his work or himself. He must have realized that she had no idea who he was and didn’t want to tell her.”

She heaved a sigh and did the first thing that came to her head. She picked up her phone and called Roy. She wasn’t expecting him to pick. He hadn’t contacted her in over almost a month and she had made no attempt to reach out to him. Surprisingly, the phone was picked but it was a woman’s voice that answered it. Anna was shocked and instinctively dropped the phone. A million thoughts zoomed through her mind all at once and images of Soji’s vile messages crept up to mock her. The ringing of her phone jolted her out of her horrid thoughts and she answered without looking at the caller I.D.

“Hello Anna… could you hold on for Mr. EDAFE please…?” The same female voice ordered gently.

Anna clutched at her phone, not making a sound, not daring to breathe. Then his voice came on the line… Cool… Deep… Formal.

“Hello Anna… you flashed?”

“I… I’m sorry. I… I must have dialed your number by mistake…” She managed to stammer out

There was a brief silence from his end. She thought he had hung up but then he spoke.

“Are you at the office?”

“Yes” she responded.

“I’m sending my driver over.

And he hung up. Anna didn’t know what to think. She tried to continue working on her report but couldn’t. She got off her chair and went to make herself some coffee. She managed to drink it without spilling any on herself. Forty minutes later, the receptionist informed her that she had a visitor. Anna went to the reception shakily to meet with the uniformed driver.

“My boss says I should take you to the office…

It wasn’t Anna’s lunch time yet but something deep within urged her to go with the driver. Without a word of explanation to anyone in the office, Anna grabbed her bag and followed the driver. She was driven to a huge office building in Victoria Island in a gleaming Black G-wagon and ushered into a private elevator that took her to the top floor. A model-like lady, who happened to be Roy’s personal secretary ushered her into his office and sitting down on his executive seat was Roy… looking out of this world handsome. Anna’s breath caught in her throat. Seeing him in such opulence suited him to a “T” but unnerved Anna greatly. The secretary left the office without a word, leaving Anna alone with Roy. They stared at each other; no words communicated yet questions hung in the air, then he got up and walked up to her.

“I’m leaving for Abuja in two hours… I’m gonna be there all week… and I want you to come with me Anna…”

Anna tried to speak but words did not come out.

“You don’t have to pack or anything. You’ll get what you need in Abuja.”

Anna still said nothing. Then Roy reached for her and kissed her. A million fireworks exploded in her head and she clung to him, kissing him back and clutching him for dear life. Roy dragged her to his desk, lifted her up and placed her, sitting, on the edge of the desk. With one hand, he unbuckled his trousers while the other placed a call to his secretary on the intercom.

“Joyce, I’m in a meeting. No disturbance… No calls” he said before dropping the phone.

With his buckle undone, he leaned to kiss Anna again, while pushing up her skirt and reaching to touch her between her thighs. She was wet and he groaned. Pushing her back till she lay on the desk, he hurriedly pushed down his boxers and trousers, exposing his rock hard dick. With one finger, he flicked Anna’s panties to one side, pulled her by the hips and guided his dick into her. Anna gasped in pleasure and grabbed the other edge of the table as Roy began to fuck her with an urgency that baffled them both. Her moans got louder, his groans became heavier and his thrust became faster till they both couldn’t hold back anymore and climaxed together. Roy staggered back and sat on the visitor’s chair opposite his seat while Anna lay on the desk, trying to catch her breath.

A few minutes later, she sat up and looked at him; her confusion evident in her eyes. Roy smiled reassuringly at her and managed to get up, beckoning her to follow him into the adjoining bathroom. They cleaned up in silence, Anna expecting him to say something. When they were done cleaning, they returned to the office. Roy sat on the visitor’s couch and beckoned her to sit with him.

“I promise I will explain a lot of things to you when we get to Abuja. For now, all I can tell you is that I’m sorry for the way I acted the other night. I planned to see you when I return from Abuja but thank God you flashed. Now, I know I have no right to ask but I need you to do me a favor…

“What favor…?” Anna asked with a shaky breath.

“Can we start over? By that, I mean, can we start dating all over again? This time around, I’m not putting a time frame and we are not gonna do it to make anyone jealous. This will be a real relationship… Between you and me… Between us…”

Anna didn’t have to think about it long and hard. She already made a choice. Something told her that she had made the perfect choice… She was going to be Roy Edafe’s girlfriend. This time, she was going to make sure she got it right. Like her colleagues said, she had beauty on her side and the fact that she could get a guy far, far better than Soji was all the confidence boost she needed. She smiled at Roy brightly.

“Deal! But I have to warn you though… you might fall in love quickly…”

Roy laughed and leaned to kiss her.

“What makes you think I’m not in love already?

Anna laughed and kissed him back


Soji received a letter that looked suspiciously like an invite. He tore it open and sure enough, it was an invite… Wedding invite… From ANNA. There was a small note attached to the invite

“Hi Soji… Thank you, thank you, thank you for being the despicable creature you were. It was your vileness that led me into the arms of a man you’d only hope to be. Yes, I am Roy Edafe’s cum-bucket but guess what? This cum-bucket has a ring to stamp her authenticity. And I wouldn’t have been here without you. Thanks for being the BEST I NEVER HAD. God bless you… Anna Roy-Edafe”





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